Sunday 28 July 2013

Project 365 21st -27th July.

Another busy busy week, almost the end of July, weeks of the Scottish school holidays have passed us by, but we have been having a lot of fun this week, It is great that the kids are just round the corner, Fifi can go play with her friends and pop in, I can phone and take them out at the drop of a hat, and their mum can drop them off if she needs to go and do things.


Quite like these walks round the fishery, such a great place to be when dry and sunny. May change my mind in the winter, though I am sure it may have a different beauty.

reflections ( again)


Keeping Bob amused out the back door, some paving slabs and some chalk. I laid him on the slabs and drew round him and he coloured himself in, he acquired his artistic abilities from his maternal grandmother.

Bobs artwork


I had the children whilst their mum and her OH went off for the twenty week scan. There was an open day on at work so I took the children along to have fun. Sadly for them they were the only children there, I think everybody else that turned up were staff on duty out for a nose.

The official photographer spotted the children and asked if he could use them for some photographs to mark the event, needless to say they said yes. You can read all their fun here.

weaving a clootie tree


Got my new camera today, decided I wanted one as it si something I use regularly. It has a few really good points and at least one bad one that I have found. More info to follow at some point.

Wet for a walk round the fishery this evening, and the children were making each other dizzy. Got too close to the pond once or twice and I had to stop them from twirling into the water.

Love the reflections in the pond behind them did not notice them when I took the photograph.



This is a picture took from the stairs at the train station, and then zoomed in to get the flowers growing on the roof, just cos I could!!

far away and close up


We went and did a shopping to buy baking ingredients, all in the name of my blog of course. You can read about our fun here. 

Here is Bob using his superpowers to open the (automatic) doors for us.


Here are the twins again. Dinky on the left is a girl, Minky on the right is a boy, technology is wonderful, they look little more than blobs to me. The grandchildren are over the moon at one of each.


  1. Bob's artwork is really good and very colourful. and look at the baby twins scan pics - one of each too! how wonderful. are you excited to be a gran again?
    looks like you and the children have been enjoying the holidays lots of outdoors fun x

  2. What a great week you seem to have had. The children must have had such fun. Congratulations on the twins: one of each sounds just right.

  3. I like Bob's artwork.
    Glad you have a new camera and it looks like you've had fun using the functions.. far away and close up look really good.

  4. Lovely clear scans of the twins! Beautiful photos as usual, the reflections at the fisheries is lovely. I can't wait to see how it changes with the seasons.

  5. what super clear scan images :-) xxxxx


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