Sunday 28 July 2013

In for six weeks and it is getting there.

Well its nearly six weeks since we moved into this house, and a lot of little bits and pieces have fallen very nicely into making the house a home.

We went and bought stone coloured bedding to fit in with the bedroom, our last room was blue so the stuff we had just didn't match in. Sadly our headboard is blue but we will find one that we like that matches better at some stage in the near future.

shelves in the cupboard under the stairs. 
OH has been busy doing all the man jobs around the house , yes yes I know sex equality and all that, I am sure I could have managed them myself but why have a dog and bark yourself? He has been  putting flooring down in the loft, adding extra shelves in cupboards, screwing shelf units inside larger cupboards to gain more usable space.

There is a tap in the garden to connect the hose to, having said that when we borrowed next doors pressure washer for the slabs we also borrowed their outside tap, Scotland does not have water meters, and they said we could use it any time we wanted,  but ours is in now. This means we can wash the car, water my vegetables next year, clean out the chicken shed when I get chickens next spring whenever we need to.

bye bye paint and grain

He has been painting door frames, making them white instead of the paint and grain. It was in the bottom hall, right up the stairs and round the bedroom doors. The stairs were painted before the carpet went down, much easier than trying to avoid brand new carpet. The downstairs doors and frames I believe are destined to be a darker colour to match the door and the paintwork in the living room.

This house has a few advantages over the other, we have a third room so have a permanent guest room as well as the sofa bed in the children's room. This gives guest somewhere to sit and watch TV if they want to.

One of the things I dont like about it is the layout downstairs. If you open the front door to anybody
the kitchen and bathroom from the front door
then they can see right into the kitchen and bathroom, The kitchen does not have a door at all due to the layout, and the bathroom door never stayed shut, this now has a roller ball catch on it.

Also the downstairs has laminate flooring, honestly don't know why anybody would put this down by choice all the dust just wafts off to the corners, in our case into the kitchen and bathroom when either of the downstairs doors are open, it will get replaced at sometime as well. We were going to carpet on top of it but apparently you cant. To make matters worse the kitchen light switch is on the opposite side to the last house, so you go in, reach to the right, and then curse yourself and reach to the left instead.

the car from the living room
I also want to add some blinds downstairs. We are now living on a road unlike the last few houses we have had, and the living room is set down about two feet lower than the outside pavement. So anybody walking by when the car is not in the driveway can see right into the room. Yes the car is parked right outside my living room window, so we don't get the best view I have to say. I was looking at wooden blinds for the two windows in the living room, one at either end, both windows are a different size and theses are made to measure so will be ideal. To finish the windows off we need nice bright red curtains to compliment the wallpaper.

We are also on the lookout for a nice bold predominantly red picture, probably either floral or modern art for the wall in the living room. Should all be looking like home by then.

This is a sponsored post, the ideas are all my own.

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