Wednesday 3 July 2013

Some finishing touches to the house.

As all you faithful followers will know I have done a lot of posts in the last few weeks on re- decorating our new house from a bathroom revamp, to a full scale living room makeover, which now is only in need of curtains, but so far not found the ones we want. 

A full makeover like we did can be expensive, especially if you need to take into account the professionals to do the papering and laying carpets, a revamp does not have to be as expensive especially if like me you are happy to look round the charity shops. 

I feel at this time of year with the nice long sunny days we have you tend to notice more the cobwebs and dust. Whilst I was cleaning the windows, that have vertical blinds, I was thinking how bare they looked, and that they could do with cheering up a bit.

But there are many different ways you can spruce up the inside of your home for Summer. I have been looking at adding accessories to our bedrooms to brighten them up without spending a fortune.  The children’s room at the front of the house is a nice bright purple room. We brought their tv unit and toy cupboard from their room in the old house, which when there had been brightened up with simple stickers.

Winnie the pooh pictures

nice bright tab topped curtains
rugcraft rug
I managed to find a nice coordinating pair of purple and white curtains which brighten the window up nicely. OH has put up my Winnie the pooh pictures which were originally in the old hall as well as hanging the rugcraft rug on the wall that I made quite a few years which tones in nicely.

Our room now has the mirror up that was in the children’s room down the road, minus the rocket sticker, and again we managed to find a pair of curtains to break the window up in another charity shop. I have added some of my summery Project 365 pictures onto my photo frame and now have that brightening up the corner of my room as well.

Finally we have found some accessories to add to the coffee table we bought last week. We found this pair of red tea light holders that nicely match the colour of the flowers in the wallpaper on the fireplace wall, and to finish my living room off what better than a nice bunch of fresh Summer flowersplaced in a vase on the table as well?

All in all I dont think we have done to badly in brightening the place up and adding the finishing touches, this has really been relocating existing items, and for what we bought we have change out of £20.

This is a sponsored post, but the ideas and thoughts are all my own. 

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  1. Just a couple of things placed here and there, with a bit of thought, can make all the difference. You were very practical and thrifty too, I'm impressed :O)


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