Monday 15 July 2013

It saddens me to share this news...

the day she came into my life
At the beginning of January 2012 I welcomed a new member into the family, this new member went on to be a faithful friend sharing in the highs and lows of family life.
 For eighteen months this new friend has gone everywhere with me. Sadly when I had my friend out with me on Saturday 13th July 2013 the two of us had an accident together, just a minor one. We had been sharing the scenery of the river at Failford, just a few short miles away from the new home we moved into together  a few weeks back,when we slipped on the banking, the two of us went down, hand in hand as we always are.

Whilst I escaped with little more than a grass stained bum and a large dent in my pride, the same cannot be said about my friend. My friend suffered serious damage, and I am saddened to tell you my friend has gone to camera heaven.

She went in the way every good camera should go, during the call to duty. This is the final picture that was taken by my trusty friend whilst she was out with me. Not particularly even a good picture, and if the fateful event had no happened probably a picture that would have been deleted never to be seen by anyone.

As you can see she valiantly attempts to start up, but the best she can muster is lens obstructed.

The highs of family life that my friend has shared - the announcement of the twins

Bobs new friend E

The new house

The fun with Granddad 

and Aunty Tweeze

We have shared sunrises

not to mentions dozens of sunsets 

Days out to 

the park

the beach, both in the Summer 

and the winter

we have seen 

places of local interest 

walks along an icy river

holiday in Oban

capturing the grandchildren


and flowers

the obscure

the daft

the weird

not to mention being there for the history

You were also there for the end of Shortdog which you captured gracefully in her last few weeks, 

Sadly now it is your turn to leave me, we even tried surgery on you, but to no avail.

RIP little friend you will be sadly missed. It was a good life while it lasted. 


  1. r.i.p faithful friend. you had a good and full life....and a muddy end! :/

    1. it certainly did, it was well travelled and well used.

  2. Lots of past Country Kids photos I recognise in there! Camera's move on so fast, I guarantee you will fall in love with a new one! I've just got my first DSLR, and I just love it, even though I am mainly on automatic modes!

    1. mine did come off of automatic mode when out without the children, yes I am sure I will fall in love with my next one,

  3. I know it's a sad event but I have to say the post is excellent Elaine! :)

    1. Thank you Michelle, yes it was a bit of light hearted fun, a bit of an obituary for my faithful friend

  4. Oh no! That camera has produced some excellent photos, I hope this isn't the end of 365 for you?!

    1. NEVER!!! Im planning nexts years already....mainly minky and dinky no doubt

  5. aww what a shame - some great memories there. At least you managed to save the SD card! Loving your new header btw..well done! x

    1. thank you, a header is so important but so difficult to get right.

  6. That was funny and sad at the same time. I feel like the camera's life flashed before our eyes then! Have you managed to get another one yet?

    1. glad you enjoyed it Kay, yes I have a replacement, took it on holiday with me, a lot of learning yet to do but getting there


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