Saturday 20 July 2013

Project 365 14th - 20th July

Well another week where the sun has split the trees as they say, another week to warm to think, to work, or to sit out and enjoy. The neighbour hood has rang with the sounds of children playing, kicking balls up and down the street, out on their bikes and playing in their paddling pools.

Had a chuckle to myself the other afternoon when I was bringing the washing in as the two boys over the back were bickering, sat in a paddling pool one is whinging "mum he is throwing water on me" "mum he is....." "muuuummmm he is...." getting more and more whiny until his mum shouted at him to shut up, the two of them must be about 12 and 14 so it brought back so many memories from when my little darlings were younger.

So my pictures, like all, are filled with sun, sea, and sand, and one very sad one this week.


No overtime at work today, so decided to go for a walk round the fishery, it is such a beautiful place to wander round.


Bye bye dear faithful camera, you can read about her demise here.


The daft things you see in your garden that you have to photograph before you go and capture said creature. It was followed by one of its sisters, they belong to the people across the road who did not realise they had got out.


Had the children over today, and as it is still so lovely we decided to use some of the wonderful free local facilities right here on our own doorstep. You can read about our fun here.  


Was another glorious day and so I suggested to the kids that we would go down to the cottage with tennis racquets and fishing nets and have some fun cooling off in the river. Fifi whined she was hot and tired and didnt want to come, and Bob decided as she was not going neither was he, so I took them home and we went without them. We decided along with the resident of the cottage to do down to Dunure instead.


OH has made a huge difference in the garden, post to follow when I have time, as well as to the inside of his shed.


This household item may not get used very often, but when it is needed it gets hauled out the loft. It has barely been off for the last fortnight.

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  1. That's why I can't wait to be a gran. When they whine you get to give them back! Lovely seeing all the blue sky and sunshine

  2. oh no what a nuisance about your camera! I amiled when i read about the chicken pn your drive and how we have to capture everything on camera nowdays before we sort the situation out!!
    i have been having several of the whines of water being poured over one another in the paddling pool too! x

  3. See, who needs snazzy cameras when you have a good eye like you do?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. Stunning photos but the first photo of the fishery is really beautiful

  5. Oh dear the poor camera. Hope you get another soon.
    Love that you took the children home and went out without them!! The joys of being grandma!!
    Dunure looks idyllic.

  6. Fans are like gold dust at the moment.....we have two rusty old things but they do the job!
    Love your outdoor pics......stunning

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. our fan is about 10 yr old, not used very often but definitely worth its weight in gold when it is needed

  7. Dunure looks beautiful and a lovely place to visit.

  8. Oh no your poor camera, are you going to treat yourself to a new one? The fishery photo is fab - what a lovely place for a walk.

    1. yes as soon as funds permit. The fishery is a great walk, more pics to come.

  9. That fishery certainly looks like a lovely place to wander around!!

    The chicken pic made me laugh!

  10. Sorry to hear about your camera. Hope it isn't too long before you get a new one. Had to smile at the escaped chicken.

  11. The fishery looks lovely as does the woodland with the steps. It must be really nice to live close to places like that :)


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