Saturday 13 July 2013

Project 365 7th-13th July

Where do the weeks go, it has been another busy week where I barely seem to have five minutes to myself. been chasing up various house move related things, between phone calls and letters, shopping and working I am worn to a frazzle in this heat.

There have been no grandchildren this week, but did have a barbecue with some of the children and some really nice friends.


Really not a lot gets done at the weekends when I work till 7pm, but did admire the lilies in the garden, their colour is so vibrant, shame they dont last long.


I love exploring old graveyards, I love the history that they tell.


Went for a walk round the fishing pond, and found this hoop lying, and it looked to me like somebody with a mohican. So I just had to add some facial features and take a photograph.


A thistle may well be a weed but they are beautiful when they are in bloom. I love the focus of the prickly its on this with the head out of focus, sums me up nicely in this heatwave we are having - prickly.


The day we had the barbecue that nearly wasn't, you can read about it here should you wish to. A great evening with some good company.  After we ate we went for a walk down the river.


Went looking for one of the local attractions that is signposted in the village. There is quite a bit of reference to it online, one such page is here 

Willies mill is hundreds of years old, it was originally
Willie's Mill can be found on the outskirts of Tarbolton village, South Ayrshire. It was the home of Robert Burns' friend William Muir. The mill is mentioned in Burns' famed poem, 'Death and Doctor Hornbook'. 

and not changed a great deal on the outside since then. Have taken pictures of all the arms of the signpost and will look for more  of the local attractions in due course.


Not sure if I would get kept on at work today, so took this out of the bedroom window when I got up just after 6am. Was slightly overcast.

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  1. A shame not to see the children this week, but it looks like you've been making the most of the fine weather.

  2. Love your 'face' - very creative :)

  3. As you say another busy week! Hope the job is ok and you get to see the grandchildren this week.

  4. That lily is really stunning what a beautiful colour!

  5. the face made me smile - very creative and resourceful Elaine! the colour fo that flower is beautiful - i wish flowers lasted longer too x x

  6. What a pity your BBQ didn't go as planned. I bet you all had fun though.

  7. I love your photos they are always full of colour

  8. Love the hoop, I don't blame you for making a face out of it. I also love exploring gravestones.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365


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