Saturday, 16 November 2013

Project 365 10th - 16th November

Gosh five and a half weeks till Christmas, six and a half weeks until the end of the year. Forty five  more pictures until I have completed my second year. Will there be a third year for me? Yes I think so I am still enjoying it, still linking up and still commenting. Have found some great blogs, family lives to follow with the ups and downs we all have. Have seen your children grow from nursery to off to school, from babies to toddlers, followed Soosie's grandson grow along side my own grandchildren, it is such fun to do.

Anyway I am waffling, on with this weeks pictures.

Sunday 10th

It was a very cold start to the day, really heavy frost on the car which hubby cleared of for me before I went to work, but this was the temperature on the car when I parked up at work.

These cold frosty nights lead to clear starts to the day. This was the sunrise this morning.

Daughter No1 was away for a hospital visit so we had Bob while she went. Was a chilly but dry afternoon so we went wandering around the village with our cameras. You can read our post here. This is a picture of Bob kneeling down to take his picture of the silver mushrooms.


A walk round the fishery today, saw this poor abandoned teddy and had to take his picture.


Fifi sat for well over an hour playing with this Electrokit.  We were sent it for review and she loved it. 


Fifi's school were surprisingly not doing anything for Children in Need this year, but she had bought a bobble for her hair.


Fifi will be 11 on Monday. When I asked her what sort of cake she wanted me to make she said Peppa Pig. I told her she was a bit old for Peppa Pig, but I saw this card and pack of cakes and bought them for a joke.

Will probably bore you next week as the twins are due on look out for lots of pictures of them.

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  1. Poor teddy. That's very sad. Can't wait to see the photos of the twins

  2. i was just going to ask you when the twins were due - Elaine i cannot believe it is this week, Be lovely to have some welcome happier news for the family after the bad stuff with your son.
    and i find it surprising that the school did not celebrate CIN - i thouht every school did as an excuse for a non uniform day!!
    and Peppa Pig at 11 - make the most of it as next year it might be some boy band like 1D lol x

  3. That Teddy does look sad. Hope Fifi enjoys her birthday next week and looking forward to seeing the pics of the twins.

  4. Oh no, who left the teddy :-(
    Gunna have to come back next week for pictures of babies, can't wait!

  5. Woo - I got a mention in dispatches!! thank you!!
    That poor teddy, how can someone throw out a teddy? I'd have been tempted to rescue him.
    I like Fifi's bobble, I wonder why the school didn't do anything for CIN?
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures of the twins. Hope it all goes well and they arrive safe and well.

  6. Beautiful sunrise, poor teddy & love the hair bows x

  7. Munchkins school didnt do too much for children in need this year either, except sell a few things...was strange....

    Oh it hasn't got that cold here yet but possibly this week! Beautiful sunrise


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