Tuesday 17 December 2013

An afternoon was spent making Christmas cards.

The cold dark rainy nights are well and truly here. So this seems like a reasonable excuse to spend more time having fun with crafting and considering the season Christmas crafting is appropriate. We have made up quite a few kits as well as various decorations over the last few weeks, so this time it was a card making session.

The cards we made are from a selection available at Hobbycraft. We had red cards and envelopes sent to us

 along with some toppers

we added in some bits and pieces left over from the previous crafting sessions, and set about having fun.

They glued

and stuck on toppers and artificial snow

and concentrated on the task at hand

and here we have the finished results.

Disclaimer - we were sent the cards and toppers, but the fun we had and the imagination we used was all our own.

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