Wednesday 25 December 2013

Family Frolics - Kerrys legacy.

 I often had online conversations with Kerry, the wonderful woman who ran the blog Multiple Mummy.  We talked about all sorts, mainly her three wonderful children upon whom she doted,  they were her world, her life, and her love for and her pride in her children shone out from every pore of her blog. I was never privileged enough to meet her but she is somebody I will never forget.

Sadly as all fellow bloggers will know Kerry lost her fight for life on December 14th 2012, and so as a way of remembering Kerry  TheBoyandMe has asked for any of us that are interested to join in with a blog hop as a way of showing Nick, her husband, that we have not forgotten her.

On of the linkies Kerry ran was

Family Frolics

For those of you that read my blog, ‘family’ is pretty much the word that sums it up. It is literally about my family and what we do. It expresses the things we love doing, like days out, craft activities, cookery attempts, adventure, play ideas and things we like to read!
Family Frolics is a new linky that will come out every Friday and is aimed for people/bloggers like me who do not feel ‘naturally creative or inventive’ but enjoy creative and inventive things with the family.

Like Kerry my children were my world, and now they have grown up I have the pleasure of doing it all again with my grandchildren.  I set up my blog so that when I am gone the children and grandchildren can look back and (hopefully) remember me and the things I did with them and for them with fondness.  I am sure Nick gets some comfort from looking back at Kerry's blog and I love how he adds to it with photographs of  the children enjoying themselves. I love to watch them as they grow, and had a wee tear in my eye at last weeks Silent Sunday but then had a chuckle at the last picture. 

Love how Nick has put together a post of One Year On with the highlights and low spots that him and the children have been through since that tragic day. Nice to see them doing so well. 

Our family frolics take many guises 

from the first photographs of daughter No1 

and the first photographs of daughter No2

back in the days before digital cameras were invented, 

they do mad things

they asked for and got strange toys for Christmas 

and had fun on holiday

shared our holidays with friends to add to the fun

from son No2 in his primary 1 photographs with his sister in P6

from days out

and more days out

and playing in the park when you dont want to

birthday parties

and daft dressing up

to holidays with friends now you are adults

you have made me proud
 And the cycle starts again with the next generation 
but still needed me to support you no matter how big you got

you have given a daft grandson that wears a Santa hat in April

and the generations still bond well.  

fun afternoons playing with train tracks

and the grandchildren stand no chance with their aunts!!

playing games together

going on fun days out

and posing with balloons

sister with sister

and now more grandchildren to keep me young.

My legacy to Kerry is sharing my enjoyment with  my children and grandchildren, despite feeling sad that she never got to do this.


  1. What a lovely post and it is so nice to hear you really making the most of it. It is very sad that Kerry will not be able to do the same physically, but she will always be there looking down, and carried in the hearts of those who love her.

  2. This is an absolutely amazing post and it really made me feel quite emotional to see into your family's history; such special moments.

    Thanks for writing this post to remember Kerry, apologies for the mammoth delay in commenting but life raced along at a ridiculous pace!


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