Tuesday 24 December 2013

Making allergy free biscuits for Santa's elves

I wonder how many of you ever bother to stop and think about the elves that have food allergies? Approx 4% of the worlds population have food allergies, which means that 4% of elves must have an allergy of some sort. So making them something for Santa to take back to them seems fair.

I was pleasantly surprised to be sent a link to this letter. You can download it here if you have a need for it

From the Desk of…

Dear <Child’s Name>, 
Christmas is almost here! I bet you are excited to open presents and celebrate with your family. The elves and I have been very busy making toys and getting ready for our big sleigh ride. 
I know that you have been a good <gender> this year, and I also know that you are allergic to <foods>. Did you know that some of my elves are allergic to those things too? I’d love your help in making them some cookies or treats that I can take back to the North Pole for them to enjoy. Leave them out for me on Christmas Eve and I’ll make sure that the elves get them on Christmas morning. They will be so happy!
Thank you for your help, <Child’s Name>!
P.S. Rudolph and the reindeer get really hungry from flying all over the world. Would you also leave some carrots out for them? 

With this in mind we made some melted snowman biscuits for Bob to leave out.

shaping the biscuits 

When we had made his peanut free peanut butter cookies the other week (post here) we had some mixture left over that we froze. We took it out of the freezer and made it into round biscuits.

adding faces

Once baked and cooled we drizzled white icing on them to look like snow and leave it to nearly set. Bob used an icing pen to draw faces on white marshmallows and added them to the white icing to look like melted snowmen. We then used icing pens to draw buttons and arms.

the finished biscuit


  1. This is wonderful!! My son has multiple allergies and this would be such. A lovely thing for him to do as I always find this such a hard time of year #brinspired

    1. I think it is a great thing to encourage them to do, also helps them accept they are not the only ones with issues.


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