Sunday 1 December 2013

Win a hand made clay candle holder.

I have been talking with a friend who's talents I am in awe of. A friend who is artistic,who loves what she does, and is trying to make a living from it.

Carolyn working
Carolyn Clayton is a ceramic artist based in Shropshire UK. She calls her company Cazamic. She tells me -
 My inspirations come from everything around me.  I see beauty in everything, from the human figure to a weed in the ground.
I like real art, clever art..... If I sculpt a eagle, I want it to look like an eagle.  To me that is art.  

Examples of Carolyn's work

Carolyn has a new website but it doe not have much on there yet, but she is a new artist and tells me her website will develop over time.

 Carolyn is offering a unique hand made candle holder, complete with the candle, as a prize for one of my readers.

To enter this competition is simple, just fill in the rafflecopter form below.

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