Sunday 1 December 2013

Project 365 24th - 30th November

Well I have made a start towards Christmas, Minky's and Dinky's are sorted, for all they need. Have bought some bits and pieces for Fifi and Bob and planning on making a start of the wrapping tomorrow. may as well do something useful with my weekend off work.


We had been doing a lot of crafting with the children the week before, this is one of our button Christmas trees that we made.

a button Christmas tree


Friends started to pop in to see the babies today, this was the first day they were allowing non family in to visit. Here is Fifi's pal K who was dying to see them.

K and Minky


Had seen an advert on Freecycle for somebody giving away cartons of soya milk, so as I use them for making yoghurt and other things I asked to pick some up. Here are some of the 48 1l cartons I got.

my free milk


Popped in to see how everybody was, Minky is looking a bit yellow today. I propped him up between the teddies that sit in the bottom of the pram.
They are already showing their different personalities, if he wants fed he wants fed NOW, where as she will wait until he is finished. Once my daughter heals a bit she will tandem feed them but she is finding it far to sore at the moment.
Also he still likes being swaddled in his blanket and Dinky doesnt, she prefers to have her arms and legs free. They are not really in a routine yet and are spending more of the night than the day eating. Both parents are still getting up with them, daddy changes them and hands them to mummy, mummy feeds them and hands them back.  Its really nice to see them pulling together as a team and I have to say apart from feeding the babies my daughter is not doing much. F is doing everything else including the housework and cooking. Much better support than she ever had from Fifi and Bob's dad.

Minky with the teddies. 


As usual Thursday is grandchildren over day. That is the big two not the little two!! I have to say Bob was a bit of a monster, as high as a kite and rather disobedient but then as a home educated child he has been use to being the sole focus of his mum's attention for hours in a day, right now he is having to fend a little bit more for himself. It wont do him any harm.

He is now responsible, under supervision, for doing his own meds. He gets out his spacer, lines up the four inhalers, then his tablets, then his medicine and lastly his eyedrops.He still needs his liquid medicine and his eye drops doing but manages the rest with the correct amount of puffs  of each inhaler.

Bob doing his meds. 


Rather than taking Bob home in the morning he was given the option to come shopping with granddad and I. Just to give him some one on one time that he is needing at the moment. We went into town and spent a while trawling round various shops. Not really buying much, but Bob picked a beast quest book that he hasn't got and we found some Christmas crafting stuff that they can make this week.

We went for lunch while we were out, went into our local Wotherspoons to see what they had on the menu that Bob could eat. Their chips were not Bob safe so he ended up with a baked potato with beans and a small side salad - £4.50 - which I thought disgusting, but there was nothing else he could have and I didn't begrudge him it. Greg who served us could not have been anymore helpful, he went off to the kitchen on three seperate occasions with a list of Bob's forbidden foods and came back with some suggestions, we then went through the menu before we came up with this as a suitable option.

On the way back we decided to check the tyre pressure on the car and then go through the drive through car wash. Bob loves the car wash.

Bob was impeccably behaved while we were out, so I promised him I would book him in to see Santa at our local Dobbies, so we are booked in for the 10th.

drawing pictures in the car.


I have this weekend off work, the idea had been to go to Oban for the weekend, but we decided against it. So we thought we would pop into the library in Kilmarnock and see what exhibitions were on.  Shame we didnt have Fifi with us as there was a Jacqueline Wilson Exhibition on. But mummy says she is planning on taking her during the school holidays provided she is allowed to drive again by then, if not we will take her.

One of the video screens. 


  1. Love your button Christmas tree, it looks great. Lovely baby photos again too - making me broody!

  2. That button christmas tree is pretty cool! The little ones are so cute! x

  3. I love that decoration, I must have a go at that. Aw the baby is so cute, it makes me very broody!

  4. i am not surprised Bob fees a little left out having two babies in the house now and such a change is bound to have an effect on his behaviour, Stilll, it sounds like you have it all under control
    Minky and Dinky sound like they are doing really well and i think how hard it was having each of mine with 20 month gap, i admire your daughter for having two at same time! I know it was not her doing , but it must be hard work and tiring. xx


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