Saturday 7 December 2013

Project 365 1st-7th December

Well I have got more bits and pieces bought, got some bits and pieces wrapped and had the grandchildren making more Christmas crafting items.....oh boy their mummy is going to love me cluttering up her house. sending over all the beautiful things they have made.


Well a baby is never to young to be introduced to books. Here is Bob reading Winnie the Pooh to them both, not sure if they were listening but being a big brother is a very important job.


Took daughter and son in law along with the twins to get them registered today. Daughter not allowed to drive just yet. When we came back I borrowed the babies one at a time and smuggled them upstairs to do something with them...but what remains a closely guarded secret until later. Here is Lottie propped in the corner of the couch while we all have something to eat.


Experimenting with a trifle for Christmas that Bob could eat. Was great on the day it was made but for some strange reason the custard was  back to the consistency of milk on day two. Here we have a tangerine flavoured jelly with mandarin oranges topped with lemon flavoured oat milk custard. I am a blogger for Rice Dreams and they send me milk out every month in return for an article on their blog every month. You can find their website here if you want a nosey. 


The babies cords have fallen off, so they could get their first bath. Neither of them were at all impressed with the proceedings. Here is daddy bathing Lottie.
They are both doing well, they are now back up to their birth weight and have even managed to go three hours over night between the end of one feed at the start of the next.


Today was  rather a windy day to say the least. After the hurricanes abated we got our first snow of the year. I have to add this to my blog as last year I was left out because I got no snow when the rest of you did.
Here were my magnificent snow people. We did some more Christmas crafting today, was not the wether for going out.


Daughter No 2 and son in law were down from Oban for a brief stop over. Daughter was suppose to have left Oban on Thursday but the rods were all shut. Here is G adding labels to the presents daughter had wrapped.


Another blogger put me in touch with the PR woman for this new wowbutter product- peanut butter without the nuts.  Have to say my first taste I was impressed. A review to follow once Bob has tried it as well. I can see some peanut butter cookies being made this week I think.

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  1. What cute babies congratulations to all

  2. wow how busy have you been this week?!! I am loving the idea of peanut butter without the peanuts xxx

  3. Peanut butter without peanuts? How strange! Bob looks brilliant reading the books, I bet they love him.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. Lovely pictures of the twins. Bob looks very much the part of the big brother.

  5. peanut butter without peanuts!!! whats the world coming too ??? lol but great for nut allergies i know, but how or what is it made from?? hmmm interesting
    awwwI love that photo of Bob reading to his twin siblings i think that is lovely to see. the babies are growing fast arent they? x

  6. Twins looking so special there and wow to the snow!

  7. The twins are so cute!! Almost making me broody!! love the snow people!

  8. Aw I am loving the baby photos, they are soo gorgeous! What a great (early) Christmas present for you! Peanut butter without nuts?? That is an interesting idea but great for people with allergies, what is it made out of?


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