Monday 30 December 2013

Bobs Christmas camera.

Bob has loved taking photographs since we got invited to do the Kids Capture the Colour. He does not get to take the camera home too often in case it gets lost. So to stop him wittering on about one he can have at home to take pictures with it was decided he would get one for Christmas.

When we were round on Christmas day granddad set it up for him, he "borrowed" the memory card out of my camera for until we can get one and set him loose with it.

Here are some of the pictures he took on Christmas Day.

his lite brix police station

his mountain of toys

lite brix in the dark

Granny Nan and Lottie

his playmobil

Fifi and Lottie

his socks from Granny Nan

Lottie (left) and Xander

He also took a video of his lite brix police station. The bricks are made by CraZArt. Daughter said it took her and Bob approx 2 hrs to build. She says the sets are not bagged in stages like normal bricks are. She also found the instructions quite difficult to follow as they were written on navy blue paper and a lot of the bricks were in blue so difficult to read and see what you should be using. Bob loved building these things and had a great 2hrs. He wants these building on for his birthday as he really enjoyed this set.

He also took a video of it which I uploaded to you tube.

I have been training him to take pictures of the babies every day for me, we are going to try and build up a baby 365 between us. Will be great this time next year to make them into a photo album as a Christmas present .

Bobs memory card turned up today, not bad considering it was only ordered on boxing day. So today we went round with it. I brought my card back and have pulled off the pictures that were on it.

At the moment the schools are shut and Fifi is loving spending hours in a day sitting with one or the other, or in some cases both of the twins. The twins, and my daughter, are going to miss her when she goes back to school next week I can tell you.

Fifi and both the twins

When daughter went into the town the other day Bob took his camera in the car and took this picture. His mum took the camera off of him as he kept flashing while she was driving.

Minky in the car

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  1. wow loads of toys. Great pics. Love it when the kids get snapping


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