Saturday 21 December 2013

Project 365 15th - 21st December

Only ten more pictures until the end of my second Project 365. Four more sleeps till Christmas, five more sleeps till I have over the children and grandchildren when we do them a second Christmas Day, this spreads out the excitement and means that us as an extended family get to see the pleasure on their faces. We do pop in on Christmas Day but they don't get the presents from our side of the family until the 26th.

Still need to go buy the food, have so far only bought a piece of meat and nothing else. Not quite sure when this will happen, depends if and when I can muster up the energy. If not I guess our guests may be going hungry.


As we had paid to take Bob to see Santa last week I had bought Fifi a pair of earrings and a shawl to wear for her Christmas disco. I just liked them and thought them seasonal.

Did some baking, well I had to test out the turkish delight icing sugar I got sent from Sugar and Crumbs. I had bought an icing set with squeezy bottles and nozzles to use for this, but the bottles were a pain to fill, the bottom of one split and the nozzles came off when you applied pressure.  I have to say as I was feeling crap anyway I was about reduced to tears not only in making the cake but trying to take a picture I was happy with that would do it justice, but I could not manage it. So this is about the best it gets. It has turkish delight thins on the top and side. Review will follow at some point.


OH had a GP appointment this morning, and as I was due a delivery I got daughter No1 to house sit, so she arrived with the twins for some peace and quiet. Only ever seems to be Lottie that is awake when I am around so we have another picture of Lottie. The twins are growing well, Xander has put on twelve ounces this week, brilliant for a breast fed baby and Lottie has put on eight. You notice the difference in the pram hat the two of them fill it more than they did when they were born.


We had a huge full moon still up this morning, and I liked the way it looked through the tree.

 Very very rarely do I drink, a bottle of this stuff will last me a year or two, but I had a notion for a drink of it. Sadly nothing tastes right this week and so I gave it to OH.


I got a very nice e-mail from Mirka over at All Baby Advise to say I had won a Sage control grip all in one from a competition on her blog. Got the e-mail on Monday and the prize on Friday - brilliant service. Went to buy a machine the other week but it was out of stock, I am glad now it was.


This week I have struggled, seriously struggled to take pictures. There have been no children over as I have spent the week feeling really awful.  Every bone in my body aches, my head thumps, my throat feels like sandpaper has been rubber on it, my ears are sore, I am tired and feeling really really sorry for myself well nobody else will feel sorry for me. Not only have I not had an energy to have the children over I did not want to pass onto them what I have and risk not only ruining their Christmas but also them passing it on to the twins.

These have been my staple diet this week, other makes and supermarkets are available.

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  1. oh no Elaine i am sorry you have been feeling so rough but at least this means you should be over it for xmas.
    Lottie is so cute and growing away fast. oh and well done on the win.
    wishing you and yours a very merry christmas x x

  2. awww honey i do hope your feeling far better soon! I hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

  3. You're allowed a dodgy week for photographs, but I think you've been too hard on yourself anyway. Love the photo of little Lottie.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. I have been eyeing up Mediocre Mums Sage Slow Cooker - will keep an eye to see how you get on with your blender!!

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon. I have a cupboard stocked for of cold remedies, but hoping this Christmas we escape any lurgy.

    1. have to be honest and say this is last years stock as we had no need for them last year. may as well use them as let them go off

  6. Hope you feel better soon Elaine, I know you said you have been feeling rough, hopefully fine for a Happy Christmas with your family,

  7. oh my, love that pink snowsuit!!

  8. Aww hope you feel better soon! That cake looks yum!! and Lottie looks adorable!! x

  9. Hope you feel better before Christmas. Feel free to send me some cake

  10. Feel better soon.
    What a beautiful baby.
    May you have the best Christmas.

  11. I love the photo of the moon and the baby is soooooo cute!


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