Monday 9 December 2013

Our name in stars made by Bloobry.

Some sites just catch your eye as being that bit different. When I came across a site called Bloobry it really did catch my eye. I really loved the Big Ben Wall Clock  and the Butterfly Wall stickers

I like to buy something different for the grandchildren for birthdays and Christmas, something that will not end up buried under a mountain of goodness knows what on the bedroom floor or buried at the bottom of a toy box never to be seen or used again.

I am sure there are many other grandparents, relatives and friends out there who feel the same way. Then why not pop over and have a look for something that bit different?

I was asked if I would like to try out the site and see what I thought.

  • Firstly the site is really easy to use. 
  • easy to see the colour option
  • price structure clear and easy to understand
  • Included with every order is a complementary squeegee and application instructions
  • First class postage is free, ours came out within two days of ordering
  • option of paid next day delivery
  • designed and made in Britain
  • variety of payment options including paypal
I ordered Fifi's proper name in Fuchsia pink. The letters arrive made into the name you requested connected with a clear backing paper. 

displayed by her and her friends
Names are supplied ready to apply to your wall, with a free application squeegee and fitting instructions and the letters are all approximately 18-20cm high.
Your Name Wall Sticker will be hand finished and gift wrapped in acid free white tissue paper. It will then be despatched to you for safe delivery in a sturdy cardboard tube. Prices shown are per letter.
So how did we find the application of the product? 

  • Product quality was excellent however the instructions are illustrated for the smaller size banner and only tell rather than show you how to attach the larger size.
  • As for the act of fitting, fairly easy to do but for larger size banners like this we would recommend having a wallpaper table handy for the initial smoothing out of the banner.
  • You need to apply a lot of pressure to the banner in both stages of the fitting to make sure all pieces stick to the backing and wall correctly other wise you may finish with some parts not attached correctly.
on the wall along with her poster

Out of 10 we would give this product 8.
 Disclaimer - we were supplied with a product of our choice for the purposes of this review, but our findings are not influenced by that. 

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  1. Hi Elaine,
    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to review our site and the Name in Stars. I think it's a really good point that you make about the instructions. Particularly with a longer name I agree that it would really help to have clearer illustrations - we'll get onto it!


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