Saturday 14 December 2013

Project 365 8th - 14th December

Well the tree and decorations are not up yet, but will need to get them up before Thursday when the children come back to stay. The buying is organised and half the wrapping is done, and I am still in Bah humbug mode. Less than three weeks to go until the end of year two, quite proud I have made it. Some days I have had to try and think of a picture other days it is easy and I an think of quite a few I could share.


In Scotland they start bowel screening at fifty years old, we get it every two years, so here was my birthday present from the NHS all ready to go back to them. Well worth taking the time to do imo.


Dropped in to daughters today, and of course granddad had to pick up one of the twins, so here is Lottie at nineteen days old.


We had promised Bob when we had him the other week that we would take him to see Santa if he was good when he was put with us, so we kept our side of the bargain. You can see all the fun here if you want.


Daughter No3 came over for the afternoon. We went down and saw the twins and picked up Bob for a while. We took him out for a walk round the village to see how many houses we could count with Christmas decorations up. This house is across the road from us.


I had been asked by M&S if I fancied receiving a voucher to buy something nice for somebody in my community, so I said yes please. You can read the post here if you are interested. Here is me handing the parcel over to the local pharmacist.


When the children had been over last night we had done some baking. Fifi made rocky roads and Bob and I nut less peanut butter cookies with the wow butter we were sent last week. recipe will follow.


I answered a shout out on twitter to try out some new flavoured icing sugars. The products will be reviewed once I get a chance to use them. One of them is Turkish delight flavour and I am really looking forward to having time to make cakes with them. Here is the bag they arrived in.

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  1. Love your community present, looks like it is being well received

  2. Love the idea of the community present.

  3. Lottie is beautiful - Congratuations xxx

  4. I've never heard of flavoured icing sugar, I'll look forward to seeing what you think of them.
    Love seeing the gorgeous baby photos :)

  5. checking for bowel cancer is such a worthwhile thing to do. and that house across form you is very festive - does that many lights bother you? I bet Bob enjoyed his visit to see Sanata we have not done this yet with the boys - hoping to do so on the 23rd. Also Lottie is growing fast x x

  6. Gorgeous baby pic and I love the Santa photo! Bet that house across the road is bright when all lit up, think they have overdone it!!

  7. OMG if that house is across the road I hope they don't have all those lights on all night long it must be so so bright!

  8. Oh that community present is such a nice idea! Lottie is adorable! x

  9. Lottie is such a cutie. :)
    I can see the attraction for children with houses decorated to the nines, but personally I don't like them. Too garish for me. #oldfuddyduddy

  10. Gorgeous baby shot again, she is beautiful. Turkish delight flavour? That sounds amazing

  11. Lottie looks so tiny, so beautiful

  12. She is beautiful! MORE baby shots please lovely granny! Good on you for giving the pharmacist the present, very deserved,

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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