Tuesday 17 December 2013

"Peanut" butter for nut allergy sufferers.

Having allergies in the family can be quite limiting to live with, food is something that non allergy people never give a thought to, they just pop off out to the shop and buy whatever they fancy. Sadly for a growing percentage of the population this is just not possible. We have allergies in our family spanning the generations and as all my regular readers will know poor Bob has multiple allergies which includes peanuts.

One of the foods Bob use to love was peanut butter, he has only been allergic to peanuts since he was four. Peanut butter is a great food from a nutritional point of view. One thing us allergy suffers cant wait for is for us to be accepted as normal, that there are a huge array of alternative foods out there that we can eat in place of the foods most other people take for granted. The world is getting there all be it slowly. I see big differences in the last generation between when my children were young and now that my grandchildren are young.

One of these products that we have just discovered that is slowly changing the world is peanutless peanut butter as my husband would call it. A new product called WOWbutter.  

The first thing I liked about this product?
Your peace of mind... the entire production is completed in one manufacturing facility that is 100% Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free and Dairy Free! Read our allergen declarations. We start with raw non-GMO soybeans directly from local fields and complete the entire process right to the finished product filled into a jar, ready for your enjoyment. Read our Peanut and Nut Free Policy.

Available in creamy and crunchy varieties, Wowbutter offers a rich peanut butter taste which even hardened peanut butter fans say tastes just as good, if not better, than the traditional version.
A renowned source of protein and Omega-3, Wowbutter makes a delicious and nutritious everyday quick and easy stand by as well as an essential recipe choice.  Simply spread on toast or waffles, conjure up a peanut-free satay sauce or dig deep with an array of home baking ideas … just go nuts!
The icing on the cake is that Wowbutter has already scooped a prestigious Gold Award at the retail industry Quality Food and Drink Awards 2013.  A tremendous accolade which reaffirms the essence of the high quality ingredients and taste of what Wowbutter stands for.

So what on earth is in it then I have been asked?


Non GMO Toasted Soy, Soy Oil, Granulated Cane Sugar, Monoglyceride (from vegetable oil, prevents oil separation) and Sea Salt.

So upon opening the jar the first test was smell, and honestly you would not know it was not peanut.
Second test was taste, and you would not know in blind testing that it was not peanuts either. This to non allergy sufferers is an important test, most "allergy free" foods taste nothing like "ordinary" food but that does not matter as we in general have nothing to compare it too so we have less of an expectation of what other people would expect it to taste/smell like.

We really were amazed by this product, it even impressed my husband, and he is very very reluctant to eat foods that are not what he calls proper food, he really has not adapted to non normal eating despite having put up with me and my weird ways for twenty years now. I had to stop him from eating it all last week until I had had time to try Bob with it, to use it in a recipe and also amazed enough they share it with other family members who normally think like my husband but they were also very impressed.

I gave my friend Sam some which she gave to her daughter E, and this is her comment

psssst.... how did the WOW butter go with Bob? I was thinking bout him yesterday and was wandering if his wee face would mirror E's, when he tried it? Its such a simple pleasure to savour a new flavour-and not drop dead!
This nicely sums it up for people like us, something new they can eat without any repercussions.

So we decided to do some baking with it. I found a peanut butter cookie recipe, that I adapted to make it safe for Bob to eat.

  • I changed the butter to sunflower margarine
  • I changed the flour to gluten free, and the baking powder as well
  • removed the egg and used ground flax seed as a replacer. 
  • and omitted the optional crushed nuts to sprinkle on top. 

Bob cutting out the biscuits

the cooked biscuits.

Bob loved the biscuits, as did OH as when I went for one today there was only one left!!!

So the WOWbutter is a huge hit amongst us and our friends. 

Just a personal thought - the jars come with coloured labels so that you can send you child to school with this  for their lunch adding a sticker to tell people it is nut free - cant say as I like this idea as it imo is open to abuse with potentially serious consequences

Our opinion? The stuff is amazing and we will be buying it on a regular basis.

Disclaimer - we were sent one jar of both smooth and creamy, but the recipe idea and findings are my own.

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