Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bobs blood test results.

Bob had been at the hospital a month ago for blood tests as his paediatrician suspected he had adrenal insufficiency as he was displaying all the signs and symptoms and due to the amount of steroids that have been pumped into his little body over the last few years due to the other medical issues he has, My daughter has been really worried about this, beating herself up over these latest developments.  Primarily as she feels guilty for having given him the steroids in the first place ( catch 22 really as without them he would not be here), and knowing if this was the diagnosis then it is a life long condition that would require more medication over and above what he already takes. Now we have had cancer ruled out so our thinking was adrenal insufficiency had to be a better diagnosis that some others may offer.

Due to a lot of the symptoms  Bob has been displaying his paediatrician had suggested last month Bob only attends school three mornings a week as he is physically incapable of doing any more than that, some days he barely has the energy to walk the less than five minute walk to school, struggles to go out and play with the other children at play time, and he is missing out on so much of the social aspect that school and playtimes valuably offer to young children. School is about much more than formal education, it is about the bigger picture in making a whole rounded sociable child, and this may have repercussions in later life.

So on Tuesday Bob was taken back to the hospital for the test results. Auntie T went with him and mummy to offer support, So you cannot begin to imagine our relief when the results for this came back negative.

Turns out Bob has had a bout of Glandular Fever, but due to his other issues he has been left constantly tired, but this should settle down and things should improve for him. He is going to have hydrotherapy sessions to try and build his strength back up, but apart from that time is the only cure.

We can all breath a sigh of relief and be grateful for the results.


  1. ahh poor Bob, going through all that..but at least now you know it's nothing serious & hopefully he'll be feeling much better soon


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