Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sometimes you just have to do something.....

People often wonder how we cope with children like Bob...but then you dont have a choice, you are given what you get and make the most of it...and I have always said that we are actually very lucky when you read other parents stories.....and this is one of those times I really thought "I want to help make a difference to a child much worse off than what (hopefully) we will ever have to deal with."

Let me introduce you to Niamh Curry 

Her parents say
Our little girl Niamh was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma (Stage 4 High Risk) just before Christmas 2010 when she was just 3 years old. Since then Niamh has spent countless days and nights in hospital for treatment that has included Rapid Cojec Chemotherapy, a 4 hour operation to remove the tumor which was located on her adrenal gland, high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant and 14 treatments of Radiotherapy. On top of this there have been lots of blood and platelet transfusions, lots and lots of scans and general hospital visits and loads of time away from home. 

Despite all this Niamh still remains the happiest, kindest, most caring little girl you will ever meet. She is always smiling and loves a huggle with her big sister Hannah or her mummy and daddy. 

We were already aware that there is no UK relapse protocol and now had to face the harsh realisation that any treatment in the UK does not aim to cure Niamh. 
In the US this is not the case and there are many relapse protocols. This is where we need to take our amazing little girl to give her the best chance of survival. The treament Niamh needs is at The Children's Hospital of Philidelphia and costs around £450'000. 

So there is fundraising going on in various guises to try and help raise the money needed. I first came across this little girl because a lovely woman on Loquax, Carol Dunkley , is having a fun day on April 28th  to help raise funds, part of this fun day is a raffle.

Carol is selling raffle tickets at £5 each, paid for through just giving (so you know its going to where it should). You make your donation, send Carol and e-mail and she sends you back your ticket number. If you win thought you need to cover the postage to receive the item, so all money goes towards Niamh.

 Prizes include

A Panasonic camcorder, an iPod Nano 8Gb, an iLov Stereo Speaker doc for iPod or iPhone, a Nokia Mobile phone, an iLov Enhanced Stereo speaker for iPod/iPad or iPhone, 4 tickets to see Stomp in London, 2 x National Express Tickets to anywhere in the country and more....

If you cannot afford £5 you can make a donation of any amount, every 50p makes a difference, and remember if you are a tax payer you can claim gift aid and help raise even more towards the total.

Why not buy somebody something different for their Easter and help give a little girl a chance?

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  1. What a lovely little girl Niamh is. Such a warm smile too. I think that's such a great idea holding a raffle. Thanks for posting this Elaine. It is for a really great cause. I have put a link on my page I hope it can help a bit. I really hope they make it £450, 000. Let us know how they get on xxx


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