Monday, 26 March 2012

Making the most of the light nights

Well as you all know the clocks changed yesterday so we thought we would make the most of the beautiful evening, warm enough to be nice without being too hot to walk in. The dog struggles at the best of times now but the heat does her no favours, so we opted for a walk along the river under the trees.

From where we park the car we have to cross the bridge over the river to the easier side to walk along.

They had nice long shadows on the bridge, and had fun interacting with their shadows

playing with shadows

As we reached the end of the bridge Fifi spotted this bush and reckoned it looked like a porcupine


and that this tree looked like the gnarly fingers and arms of a witch

We went down to the river and spent time throwing stones in the water and got some impressive splashes, We tried to see who could get the biggest splash, could throw a rock the furthest, and granddad even managed to find one flat stone he skimmed across to the water. You dont get many flat stones as every body does the same thing.

 water splash rocks

The swans thought about coming over but didnt come near enough to interact with. Sometimes the kids surprise you, Fifi saw three ducks, and she knew it was two daddy ducks and a mummy duck. I asked her how she knew so she told me mummy ducks are all brown and daddy ducks have green heads, guess she is growing up after all.

On the way back to the car they ran on ahead

and hid behind a tree, shame about the ivy in Fifi's nose. The tree needed to be a bit wider to hide the two of them, but Bob still managed to jump out and shout "boo" at us as we went past, and made us jump.

playing hide and seek

I must admit I enjoy taking them out and the interaction you get, and the chance to look at things from a childrens' perspective


  1. children certainly make you look again at the simple things in life, Lovely photos hopefully just the start of many more summery days :)

    1. that they certainly do Sarah. unfortunately granddaughter is going to get to the stage of going off with her pals after school, not wanting to visit her old grandma....;(


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