Tuesday, 6 March 2012

National Allergy Week – UK Allergy Need Your Help

received an e-mail during the week, and I would love as many of you to take a few minutes to help out, your allergies don't need to be as severe as Bobs, but how about hayfever/asthma/intolerances in your family?

Dear Supporter,

With National Allergy Week (23rd to 29th April 2012) taking place next month, it is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of the millions of sufferers out there and highlight the work of Allergy UK.

We need your help!
During the week we want to find out what the top five allergies are in the UK, demonstrate the severity of the conditions, common symptoms and the breadth of suffering. Below is a link to a survey and we would be hugely grateful if you could complete the questionnaire.
The resulting piece of research for National Allergy Week will help us better understand the triggers of the most common allergies and draw attention to the plight of the allergy sufferer.
         Click here to take the survey (survey closed)
Everyone is welcome to take part and all responses are completely anonymous.

          Many thanks

You never know this could make a difference to your kids or your grandkids if organisations like UK allergy have enough to work with.


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