Saturday, 24 March 2012

Life has to be super organised with kids like Bob

Been reading other posts on how some of you feel your homes are lived in, loved in, but untidy happy places.
Feel this must be a great sense of achievement to be able to do this. You have biscuit crumbs under the cushions on the couch, milk spilled on the worktops, last weeks sandwich stuffed in the toy box, dirty dishes on every conceivable surface in the kitchen, how I feel this must give a great sense of relaxed parenting.

Well not in this house, or my daughters for that matter. The biscuit crumbs contain milk and maybe egg, so merely touching them would bring Bob out in a nasty rash, and effect his breathing,  the milk spilt on the worktops at breakfast then touches the bread you spread jam on for the lunch, is enough to put Bob into anaphylactic shock requiring epi-pens and an ambulance or possibly worse. The sandwich stuffed in the toybox at the last gathering of friends is enough to make Bob very you see where I am coming from....having a child like Bob your house cannot be "normal", you cant let things linger or spills go unwiped.

Everything must have its place, every crumb of normal food has to be worried about and cleared. The dishcloth you have used to half heartedly wipe your work top with is now a massive cross-contamination risk. You ever watched them do this in some of the well known fast food eateries....?
In this house has to be thrown in a bowl of sterilising liquid in case it comes into contact with Bobs part of the kitchen.

Your fridge if you are well organised will have cooked meat away from raw meat away from fruit and veg where they never meet. In my house my fridge has distinct sections as well, dairy for hubby, lactose free for me, and dairy free for Bob ( in my daughters house Bob has his own fridge, and eventually I would love to have a separate fridge/freezer but funds do not permit such an item). How many of you spread bread with butter and then stick the butter knife in the jam jar...yes right...not in my house you dont!!

My cupboards are a work of art, could put them in for a Turner prize, cupboard top LHS is full of Bob friendly flour, all in separate tubs, all meticulously marked with what is in them, buckwheat flour, rice flour, potato flour...well you get the picture. Egg replacer, gluten free baking powder, you will also find various sugars in there, dried fruit and cake decorations to name but a few. If you go into the floor level cupboard to the right hand side of the hob you will find normal flour for normal baking, eggs, and cake decorations that are not Bob friendly, these are not as well labelled or organised as they dont need to be. They are just in their bags, scattered around and untidy....but we dont go in that cupboard when Bob is here so that is my little area of rebellion.

Not Bobs cupboard
The freezer is the same, top draw Bob friendly stuff home made soya ice-cream, dairy free cheese, home made bread dough ready to defrost and cook,bottom two drawers are not, they contain normal dairy ice-cream, maybe pre-made foods, but they all have to be kept wrapped and separated (again one day I may have his own for him).

So I have had to become innovative, caring takes on a whole new meaning when your grandchilds life depends on it, but then it has just become second nature I suppose.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have no idea how you manage, it amazes me! Puts me to shame in regards to the biscuit crumbs too. Can I really see 'carrot powder' on the side? I've never heard of the stuff but it sounds useful. Is it from Healthy Supplies perchance?

  2. How do I manage? How can I not? to not manage could be fatal - best reason for coping.
    Yes you can see carrot powder, its handy in soups, stews, mix it through mashed potatoes and use for cottage pie. add fish as fish cakes, or add to cakes for sweetness. There is also beetroot powder above it which is handy for the same. gets veg into kids and makes potatoes look like playdoh so it makes great shapes and fun food for kids. and yes they are from healthy

  3. Wow! All that extra organising, but taking a step back, looking at him as you smile - you know it is definately all worth it. I really admire the steps you have to take, sometimes people don't realise just how lucky they are, it has put a whole new perspective into my eyes now, Kudos to you, wishing you and all your family lots of love and luck. xx Rachael.

  4. thanks Rachel, but its like ever aspect of everybodys life -it just becomes normal, but yes when you put it into words it does seem rather daunting, and all credit to my daughter who lives the life 24/7.


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