Friday, 9 March 2012

I was strolling through the park one day....

ok so its not the merry merry month of May, but hey ho.

No we went out for our usually stroll with the dog yesterday, as we do most days, with me in "see the world through camera mode" and "eeeh by gum" as they say in some parts you notice things you never normally notice.

Now I know that joining in with this 366 project is all about me and my pics and such like, but I seem not to have grasped the concept of

actually being taken on the day, so as not to waste my pics I took yesterday I thought you could see them here instead.

Had to laugh at this one, I mean where else??

Have you ever noticed all lamp posts have numbers on as well as silly signs?

Not forgetting to mention all the trees are numbered along the river walk as well? What for? Save somebody nicking them?

Then the number on the petrol pump on the way home caught my eye as well, actually went for a walk in the direction we did so we passed the petrol station as car was getting a tad thirsty

See told you I was in daft mode.....say no more

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