Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pears with star anise in red wine

Well after winning 10 bottles of wine courtesy of the lovely Yossi at Appliances online who run live broadcasts on their Facebook page every Friday, I thought I better start using some of the collection we have.  Not quite the washing machine like they are giving away this Friday (March 9th) or other large appliances like fridge freezers they have given away in the past but I was pleasantly surprised and a little shocked to win.

Anyway I digress, I decided to take one of the bottles of red wine and use it in cooking, scandal I hear all you wine drinkers,  including oldest two daughters,  yell at me, but you see I personally do not drink, but plenty of other family members do so believe me was a nice win.

I got some star anise from Healthy Supplies just before Christmas, and it has a lovely aniseed flavour, so I decided to cooks some pears in red wine with star anise. Love the flavour this adds to foods, and I served it with some star anise ice-cream I made a while back.

Peeled 3 pears, popped them in a pan with some red wine and star anise, simmered gently for approx 30 mins, then left with the lid on for another 30 mins, lovely.

 This is not a sponsored post, just wanted to share my recipe and the story behind it.

I may add the pears were bought with a voucher I won, so a nice cheap pudding all round.

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