Thursday, 1 March 2012

Project 366 #61

I did warn you all on Monday that this photo lark is making me see pics in the strangest of things. So whilst out for my Sunday afternoon stroll ( as if 7miles in a 6 hr shift at work wasn't enough walking) these things were buzzing round my head, so they got snapped.
as it came from the camera

The flash has hit some of them rather nicely, though I must admit they look more like birds in the distance than tiny flies close by.

But I am now taking this madness hobby to the next level for me as if I'm going to learn to do this I am going to learn to do it right. I have pretty much mastered the art of my camera, switching to different  programme modes and altering it for different ISO etc.

Now up until this point what you have had out of me is pictures as they come out of the camera. But I hear people talking about cropping, saturation, sharpening etc and with that aim in mind have been playing with picasso as my hubby says its easy- well so is brain surgery if you read the right books - but I will leave that till next month.

So what you are going to get off of me for the next while is going to be a picture as it comes out of the camera, and than the same picture again that I have worked on to make it different, maybe better, maybe just strange, but please stay with me because this is all good learning fun for me.

This image was achieved by making it black and white and using Vignette.

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  1. A lovely effect when you zoom in there

  2. its amazing what you take photos of now isn't it!

  3. Really interesting photo. I had to take a second look and then I figured out what I was looking at!

    1. yes they are very deceptive, but interesting all the same

  4. How interesting - I thought they were seagulls at first glance. I do like the edit - it brings them out nicely.

  5. I love that picture! I scanned your text and saw that it was flies and then had to double take because I read birds! What a fabulous shot, and there was me thinking that you had an amazing zoom and flash to get it to bounce off birds in the sky!

    Love that your experimenting with photo-editing software. I've done a similar finish before, but added Ortonish to 50% fade to get a little soft-focus, and then done a 1960s to 70% to make it seem a little bit sepia. I love Picnik and am so pleased they're launching PicMonkey to replace it.

    Thanks for linking up to #Project366


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