Sunday, 25 March 2012

A sunny Sunday half day off

It is the end of the year as far as holidays are concerned at work, and so I had two hours to use or I would have lost them, so I finished at twelve today.

John Crane granddad went fishing
After a quick bite of lunch we toddled off down to the car boot sale where we bought a few bits and pieces to use in photographs, I was looking for stuff to enhance my food photos, and also got a few pieces that my John Crane grandma can use.

We bought a cooked chicken and salad while we were out, and then after tea we wandered down the river with the dog to enjoy the evening sunshine now that clocks have changed and it is lighter for longer. Whilst we were there granddad stopped for a spot of relaxing fishing, he even managed to catch one.
Granddad was sent out courtesy of John Crane and blog match, you can go and see where in the world are the grandparents  to see what the others are up to, or follow them on John Crane Facebook page

There were some nice reflections on the water, and I used my favourite one for my project 366 offering for today, but here are a few others I thought I would share with you.

the dog found a squirrel on the riverbank

The swans came over to get fed but we had nothing for them but they reflected nicely in the shallow water

 The uni has featured in a fair few of my pictures recently, but then it is a nice building in a beautiful location.
Paisley University Ayr


  1. Cute dog.

    Granddad is an expert fisherman, I see.

    1. well he has caught more than oh since the fishing season


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