Saturday, 3 August 2013

Project 365 28th July -3rd August.


A walk round the fishery, well its a very pleasant walk and always something different to photograph. Today we got the peacock, no where near as majestic looking as Fiona's but a peacock none the less.

he would not raise his tail


Off tomorrow for a short break, one I won a few months back, and believe me with the year I have had between the son, the husband and the house move I needed a break. More on this too come in a few  posts and google + albums once I have had time to sort them.

cases ready for holiday


Well today we toddled off for our journey down to the Borders. We made this part of our holiday. left early and stopped off at various places on the way down. We spent the night in a B&B booked through laterooms for the first night.

a thistle above the river Tweed


The trip I won is for two nights BB and EM and 3 days fishing for two on the river Tweed. We could not find anybody that wanted to come with us, they needed to pay own accommodation, so only OH was fishing.  OH has always fancied doing something like this and so it was a great win. But the first days fishing we had to be there for 9am ish, and so we could not feasibly travel from here for then and still be fit to fish.

Sadly there has been little rain for far too long and so the river levels were too low to really be fishable, but the Ghillie, Tam, gave OH lessons on various types of casting, so a lot was learned even if nothing was caught.

I went off by myself and played at tourist. Went off to Kelso to look at the Abbey, the art gallery and the town in general. Have to say the new portaloos they have put in ( so I was informed) are pretty disgusting. Had to ask somebody if they were for public use as they are where the workmen are working/building and I was not sure if they were for the public or the workmen.

learning new techniques


OH back on the water, today they tried a few deeper pools, out in the boat but still no fish to be seen.
They decided to call it a day at lunch time.

I went for a wander round the Museum and the gift shops in Coldstream, then went into a craft fair they had running in the town hall.

on the boat


Fishing was a no go today, still not enough water, so we decided to leave just after nine and do some sightseeing in other places on the way up.

Sir Walter Scott museum


Whilst we had been away our contract with our internet provider ended, and so today we set up the box for the new company.

during the set up process

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  1. Glad you got a few days break! Even if there were no fish!!

  2. So pleased you got to have a break honey xx

  3. well done on your win - even if the husband possibly got a bit more out of it from the fishing side of things!but a break is still a break and a free one is even better :)
    i like the thistle photo - a great perspective x

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely break. It looks lovely there

  5. The thistle photo is brilliant, see who needs a fancy camera when you have your eye?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. Glad to hear about your luck- what a fantastic prize. Sounds like you've had a good break.

  7. What a nice prize, you've definitely earned a few days break.

  8. Sounds like a lovely relaxing break and it does sound like you earned it.

  9. Good to have a break. Think you've earned it!
    I like the piccie of the thistle.


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