Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bobs birthday cake - step by step instructions

One of the drawbacks of having a child with multiple food allergies is the fact you cant just walk into a shop and buy them the cake of the moment in what ever design there little heart desires. But even for my own children as well as Fifi I have always tended to make their birthday cakes as part of their birthday anyway.

I think we have pretty much got the cake making down to a fine art now and so when Bob asked for a one eyed minion cake I was more worried about the decoration side of it than the baking side.My biggest tip I can give you is add milk  in fl oz half of your flour weight, ie if you are using 6oz flour use 3oz milk, this may appear to give a rather soft mix but makes for a much nicer less gritty tasting cake.

This one is wheat/gluten/egg/dairy/soya/nut free. Feel free and change the rice flour and milk to suit if need be.

I am going to share with you step by step instructions in case anybody else fancies giving it a go.

1) cream 6 oz dairy free margarine with 6 oz sugar. Cream well, this again helps to make a lighter cake.

2) mash a banana well, as your egg substitute, and then beat into cream mixture.

3) weight out 6 oz dove farm flour ( I could not get SR so used plain but either will work) and mix with 6 oz brown rice flour. Add 2 teaspoon gluten free baking powder ( 1 teaspoon if using SR flour).

4) add 6 oz rice milk 

5) place into either 2 greased six inch cake tins or (with hindsight) rectangular tins. Cook for approx 15 mins at 140oC (fan over) or until cooked. Make a yorkshire pudding sized cake as wel to use for his eye.

6) remove from oven, turn out of tins and leave to cool thoroughly. Whilst cake is cooling make dairy free butter icing, I made vanilla flavour.

7) once cake is completely cool stick two halves together with butter icing, spread a very thin layer on the top and sides, this is to help the roll out icing to stick.

Before we started making the cake we planned out our design on paper. The rectangular would have given a better shape to make into an actual minion.

8) roll out the yellow ready roll icing to cover the top and sides of your cake. sprinkle your board with a light coating of icing sugar to save the icing sticking.  Press gently to stick to the butter icing and trim neatly round the bottom.

9) shape the blue trousers, brush very lightly with water to attach blue to yellow and place neatly on top, again trim round bottom edge. Don't worry at this stage too much about getting some icing sugar on the coloured icing as you can lightly brush it with water once you have finished to remove it.

10) add his trouser braces.

11) using a small round cutter cut out his eye from the small cake. roll out white icing and cover eye.

12. roll out black icing to make a thin strip the width of the cake, brush lightly with water and stick on. Make a pupil with a small piece of black and add to the eye.

13) Roll together some black and white to make a grey for the ring round the eye.

14) we added yellow rolled icing to make arms with pieces of black as gloves/hands and pieces of black that Fifi shaped into boots. We then added two rolled out blue pieces to the top of the boots to look like trousers.

15) We brushed him down with a damp brush to get rid of visible icing sugar. Added an eight candle into his hand and wrote his name with a yellow icing pen down the side.

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  1. I love this cake, it's fab. My youngest son would be very impressed with a cake lit this!
    Thanks for joining in! #freefromfavourites

  2. Well done on the cake, you did an amazing job :) x

  3. That is fantastic, I shall pass this on to my sister in law as she is in need of some recipes for her son

  4. thats a great minion cake and the fact it is suitable for so many people who suffer with allergies is fab Elaine x

  5. Looks great, I'm not brave enough to attempt character birthday cakes

  6. This is brilliant! My youngest is dairy intolerant and it can be a total pain sometimes x

  7. LOVE the minions and this is one very fun & great looking cake. #recipeoftheweek

  8. My son loves minions. Thanks for sharing.Looks like its easy to make and it looks yummy! #mbpw

  9. This looks fab ! Calling over from #recipeoftheweek

  10. Looks fab! Cooking for little ones with allergies is tricky. I shall be trying your milk to flour ratio :)


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