Tuesday, 9 August 2011

2 simple sorbets in my Gaggia Gelatiere.

last night was grandchildren over night, so they now expect to make/bake something because that is what we do, and having received my ice-cream maker I suppose it was only fair Fifi and Bob should get to use it, so we decided to make two nice simple sorbets to prove even a child can use it, at 5 with help and at 8 pretty much just with supervision.

First up Bob and I made apple sorbet, I decided on this because I had had some windfall apples from a friend last week and had peeled them and cooked them up earlier in the day so this was going to be ultra simple.
weighing out the apple and sugar

pouring in the water
We took 7 oz of cooked and cooled apples, weighed out 5 oz brown sugar and 7 oz water, and having set the machine to start its 5 minute cooling period before we started weighing out it was ready just to pour everything in and turn it on.

Next up Fifi was making Melon sorbet, she's that bit older and can manage to do more for herself. so she 

cut up the melon

weighed out the sugar

added the sugar (well some of it the rest missed)

poured in the water and melon

The mushed down melon in with the water

press a button and off it goes

I mushed up the melon in the water with a stick blender, not quite sure she ready for that just yet but she managed the rest herself.

And the results was a very pleasant light fruity treat they had after tea and took the rest home this morning when they went.

the finished sorbet ready for eating


  1. Charlotte clavier9 August 2011 at 19:46

    Yumm those recipes look delicious. I love ice cream & i know sorbet is a a low fat version. You always make things elaine that make me change my point of view about what i like & don't. These recipes make me want to try them out for myself. Thanks elaine Ill will be waiting eagerly for the next recipes :) x

  2. Mmmmmh I want some!!! How lucky your grandkids are!

    Thank you as always for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!



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