Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Balloon modeling fun this morning

Whilst oh was off indulging his passion for fishing this morning (and he brought the dog back 3 gutted mackerel)  the kids and I decided we would have some fun with balloon modelling.

I think the best bit for Bob was having me point them in his direction and they got nearer and nearer to him as we blew them up, and would dissolve into fits of giggles when ever they went bang.

He could not quite grasp the concept of needing 3 hands to twist and turn and twist again and then wrap two bit round each other to get them to stay together, I found it difficult let alone at 5.

Fifi tried to follow some of the instructions on the book that came with them, and then made up her own designs as we went along.

It passed away an hour and here is our creative fun and the stunning results.

2 dogs

Fifis crown

Fifis creations

Fifis purple butterfly and Bobs crown
in her angel wings

a strange shape but best I could get them

drawing a face on her dog

and a face on a stripy dog as well

wondering what to do next
They were off to Strathclyde Country Park this afternoon to meet up with friends.


  1. :-) what fun! I can make a balloon poodle, but looks like you guys had lots of fun experminenting and exploring! Brilliant!

    Thank you as always for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Looks like you really had a great afternoon and lots of fun; you make it sound easier than it is I think.


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