Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bobs first day at school

Bob and Fifi before School
Well Bob was 5 back in April, so the time has come for him to start at school. I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown. He can manage to write his name already and knows most of his numbers and can count to 10.
The first 2 weeks are mornings only, he has been use to 5 days a week at nursery, health permitting ( he managed 65% last year), but may find going back afternoons a challenge. He needs to come home for lunch as school cannot take responsibility for him in the dining room.

on his own outside the house

L to R Bob, I, A, and Fifi
a bit unsure in the classroom.

His class has 2 teachers, 1 of which has a peanut allergy child who knows about anaphylaxis and how to use an epi-pen so he should be fine if anything goes wrong.

When Fifi started school policy was we were allowed in with them, so daughter and I had gone with her and stayed for half an hour, but this year parents were not being encouraged, but some would not go in without mum so they allowed parents to seat the children and leave so I had not driven over to the school so missed out on seeing him go in, but will drive them to school Tuesday morning and put him in.


  1. aw he looks so smart, i hope everything went well and he enjoyed his first day :)

  2. thank you Sarah, yes he seemed to, like all children he will have good days and not so good, heaven help the teacher is all I can say!!


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