Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dr Stuart t-bags

I was sent four different t-bags to sample by Healthy Supplies. I am a herbal and fruit tea drinker, my favourite is just two or three leaves from my spearmint plant in the garden in a cup of hot water, very healthy and refreshing whenever I feel like it., so when I was asked did I want a sample I happily said yes please.

A lot of tea bags tell you to brew them for 3- 5 mins, but I am more of a put teabag in cup, pour on hot water, remove tea bag from cup, keep teabag and use again kind of person. Whether these will work doing it my normal way, will enough of the goodness come out in that time I do not know. But what I will do is make it my normal way first, then put it into another cup of hot water and leave as instructed and report back on both drinks. 

The first I was given are Throat Relief which states This is both a soothing and pleasant tasting herbal tea. The liquorice root adds a natural sweetness, so no honey/sugar is required. Cinnamon spice and sage (medicinal grade) have a gentle anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action, which Dr. Stuart calls "active botanicals". We found a mug of this herbal tea most comforting when feeling a little under-the-weather, even without a sore throat! 

Now I am a liquorice lover and would eat it till it comes out of my ears, but drinking it....hmm  a bit different, I also like the flavour of cinnamon in baking.

Well this one tasted better left to stew for a few mins than the quick dunk. You could actually feel it heating you up as it went down, very pleasant, reminds me of covonia which I could happily drink by the bottle....

I didn't have a sore throat but was very nice.

I have a valerian plus  tea bag, this tell you Warning: contains valerian and hops, which are natural sedatives. Do not use before driving or operating machinery.


Limeflowers*, valerian root 20%, hops 15%, passion flowers, fennel*.

now these I could do with trying I am a terrible sleeper, up and down half the night.

My first impression is it smells somewhere between sweaty feet and a damp dog that has been swimming in manky water, and Im sorry to say it doesn't taste much better. You get a muddy puddle taste hitting you first, come on you must have drunk a muddy puddle surely?, with a definite after taste of the fennel, which I found pleasant enough, but the over all taste is most unpleasant. I must admit had I not been reviewing these then the smell would have put me off even tasting it. Tried 3 mouthfuls to see if I could enjoy it, but I'm sorry the smell is the biggest off putter even before it gets to your mouth.

Does it help you sleep, sorry could not drink enough of it to try that experiment.

third bag is Detox which Im guessing must be this one, but maybe not, hard to tell as there are a couple of different detox ones

Dandelion & Burdock "Detox" Herbal Tea - 20 bags (Dr Stuart's

Dandelion root 10%, Burdock root 10%, Corn silk, Milk Thistle*, Bearberry leaves*, Liquorice Root*, Peppermint* 10%, Spearmint 10%, Ginger root, Sage *, Galangal root, Artichoke leaves.
Loved dandelion and burdock as a kid when I use to go stay with my paternal grandparents, was our Friday night treat. Wasnt much on the website info wise about what it does but found another page that said - this tea will help clear and refresh the system, giving back the kick-start you need!

Tried this one, could taste a hint of something that reminded me of elderflower tea, was also a pale elderflower colour which surprised me with its active ingredients I would have expected it to be darker.  I could taste a hint of liquorice, but that's all it was a hint. Not a lot of difference in taste from just dunked to left to stew, both very pleasant and drinkable.  Definite thumbs up for this one for me at least. 

and lastly I have a echinacea plus bag and it tells you This echinacea tea also contains rosehip and hibiscus, making it an excellent pick-me-up for those who are feeling a little under the weather.


Brew this tea for 5 minutes with boiling water, and sip slowly. Have around 4 or 5 cups of echinacea tea for an all-round boost to your well being.


Rosehip shells, hibiscus flowers 34%, peppermint* 18%, echinacea herb* 5%, blackberry leaves, natural strawberry flavour, natural orange flavour.
I like the idea of the blackberry, strawberry and orange flavours, sounds like my kind of thing.

This one I preferred dunked to stewed, had a pleasant fruity taste to it, but left for the full time it was more florally, reminded did me of old ladies perfume smell. Whether you would get the full benefit just by dunking is doubtful, but was a pleasant enough drink.

Well these were my honest findings on the products supplied. Why not try them and make your own mind up? 

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