Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fun with seeds and chocolate

This is an expansion of my mush recipe .

We decided to have some fun this morning, and decided to do something other than bake for a change, so this is an easy one to try.

We made up two different batches, sesame seeds are no use to people with nut allergies so we had to leave this out out of Bobs portion and we made Bobs with orange flavoured carob chocolate, and to make sure there was no mix up what so ever we made Fifis' with white  chocolate baking chocolate, totally non Bob safe, so kept them separated so no cross contamination was possible.Fifi is also not overly keen on carob, but it is an acquired taste.

Bob breaks the carob

melted and adding yummy bits

wow see how clever we are...lol

the finished result
breaking the chocolate

poppy and sesame seeds in

adding the mush

slicing before we popped in fridge

very yummy it was too.
and just because I am a nice gran;

I let Fifi wash the dishes afterwards!!

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