Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Allotment update end Aug

the dwarf beans

runner beans has a few flowers

rocket still doing great

something got the cauliflowers

kale doing ok

dug up some of the potatoes that went yellow

carrot tops doing alright

lettuces have been tasty
 Theres not really much to say, nothing is growing, nothing is developing fruit, though we have had 2 beans of the dwarf beans, and there are some flowers on the runner beans nothing is doing anything.

I do not think this is any reflection on my plants this seems to be common up and down the country from listening to people on TV and radio.

The rocket has produced plenty, and we have been using this as well as having some in the freezer.

I am disappointed that the allotment is doing so poorly but do not think there is much else we could have done. It has been fed, watered, and tended all to no avail.

At this time last year the sweetcorn was approx 5ft tall, this year is all of 12inches tall, and we used the same make of seeds as we did last year.

The tomato plants are producing a fair amount of fruit but they are all still green, and until we get some sun I doubt that will change.

sweetcorn not grown at all from last month


  1. Looks like a rabbit, or another small animal. Deer would have taken a much bigger bite!


  2. thank you, will need to throw a net over them, was just to wild and wet yesterday. will go round today and do it


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