Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ice cream

Here are the two we made last night, the strawberry one is on the vitalite tub, and whats left of the chocolate oat milk one is in the front tub. Me and daughter No2 were eating it today, and daughter No 1 took half of it home last night for the kids, just waiting on a report on what they thought of it.

 When I was shopping the other day I spotted
this Mars Bar milk shake drink, not something I
would drink, or more to the point normally buy, but knowing I was getting this lovely ice cream maker I bought 2 litres of it cos I knew oh would not be able to resist drinking it before I got round to using it.
I popped the whole litre in, which was a bit silly as time it froze and expanded it was slightly too much.

But it worked fine, turned out a very nice smooth calibre ice cream  and  tasted very nice, just like a mars bar. A simple ice-cream that took a few seconds to throw in the machine and would make a nice treat for any family at a very reasonable price in comparison to buying your own

Hints and tips -  make sure once the machine switches itself off you don't get distracted into doing something else because as the machine is very cold the bottom of the ice cream starts to freeze solid to the bottom of the bowl and you have to dig hard to get it out....oooppss that's what I get for playing with my new phone that I won.

follow up = the mars one is a lot firmer than the strawberry one after 24hrs in the freezer, definitely not as soft and smooth, if you making you could maybe try adding a drop of oil to it.

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  1. I'll have to try this, kids are always asking me to make chocolate ice cream rather than apple or lemon (that I like!)


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