Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Baking with Bob - chicken and bacon with pasta

Made us all some thing nice for tea last night and used some  of  the goods I have been given by the companies who have been nice enough to give me goods to blog about.

Please note not all of this recipe is suitable for dairy allergy people as it introduces a  lacto free product that was suitable for OH,  Fifi  and I but not Bob.

I decided to make us chicken and bacon in a white sauce with peas,sweetcorn and pasta.


fry off onions and bacon

2 onions sliced
3 slice back bacon (cut into small pieces)
approx 1lb cooked chicken (cut into small pieces)
2 oz pure soya margarine
2oz potato flour
1.5 pint lacto free milk  or rice milk
Pack of  corn and vegetable pasta

salt and pepper or whatever herbs/spices to taste

add chicken


fry onion
and bacon off till nearly cooked, then add chicken and cook till heated through thoroughly.

cook flour in margarine

melt margarine in a pan, and stir in flour and cook for a minute.
(at this point I took some out and mixed some with rice milk to make some for Bob), then add the milk a little bit of the time to make a nice white sauce. add chicken, bacon and onions to sauce.

add milk and stir to make sauce

ready for eating

even suitable for Spiderman
Meanwhile cook the vegetables and pasta in 2 separate pans, once cooked serve.

I have never used this type of vegetable pasta before, but my initial thoughts was it was much nicer to cook, as you will know if you have cooked conventional gluten free pasta, (if it can be called conventional anyway) it goes very gloopy and the water becomes like wallpaper paste. This pasta did not, it acted more normal, tasted great and was filling enough, and the 250g bag was enough for the four of us.

Would recommend it and would certainly use it again.

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