Sunday, 28 August 2011

Baking with daughter No 2

Now that our children are back at school, there wont be a s much time to cook with them before tea, and Bob will be too tired after tea so I thought I would bake today for them, and they can just do the decorating tomorrow night.

Daughter No2 came round for a visit this afternoon and she decided it was a long time since she had had some baking fun with her mum and decided to join in.

We made some apple pies with blackberry pastry

100g doves farm flour
35g Brown Rice Flour
35g Tapioca Flour
30g Soya Flour
1 teaspoon Xanthan Gum

the rolled out pastry
Sieve all above ingredients 3 times to mix effectively. Add 50g brown sugar and 2 tablespoon blackberry powder and then rub in 125 g of dairy free spread such as vitalite . Add approx 100ml water to make a dough.

Place in fridge for minimum of an hour. Roll out between 2 sheets of floured cling film and cut out required shapes.

Put into cake tin, add apple and add top to pies. Bake for approx 20mins until cooked and brown.

the cooked pies
The blackberry powder was not what I would class as powder, it was more like sugar, and I maybe should have ground it down a bit or added it to the fluids before I added the fluid to the pastry, and I did not feel I added enough to actually flavour the pastry the way I did it.

washes the dishes

Look what a nice mummy I am -  I even let her wash the dishes afterwards.


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