Thursday, 18 August 2011

Black and White - The Gallery

This is us four children, circa 1968, having a day out in London, not quite sure where this is Hyde Park possibly but some of you may know better.
At the front is my young brother, learning how to cross roads at 5 yr old, look at the concentration on the face.
Im on the RHS with the ribbon growing out of the top of my head, sister to the left and big brother right behind me. None of the adults on the picture are with us, they were just random strangers who got in the way.

We did various attractions including Battersea Park fun park with its modern scary rides, parks and historical buildings but in those days you didn't snap snap snap like you do now.


  1. You could tell this was old even without it being in black and white. 1968 was the year I was born and in London too. What happened to you all then and was it a surprise?

  2. We had been staying at our grandparents house,as we did a lot of holidays, and they decided to take us and our mum out for the day, think it was cos we were all too much stuck in a small house all day every day and noise echos less outside.


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