Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Arctic roll and Hedgehog cakes

 I was inspired by Helens Arctic roll post over on her blog The Crazy Kitchen  and as I had made ice-cream that day I decide I would try some.

So I made up a gluten/dairy/egg free cake to make my swiss roll with.

ice-cream in small container

  • Mix 4 oz Flora Cuisine with
  • 4 oz sugar in a bowl
  • mix 2 teaspoons egg replacer with 6 tablespoons water and add to bowl
  • sieve 8 oz gluten free flour into bowl adding more water if necessary to make correct consistency
Cook in a lined baking tray for approx 15 mins at 180 oC .

unrolled with ice-cream in the middle
Whilst cake is cooking soften ice-cream and  place in an appropriate container to make a sausage shape, the size will depend on how large you want to make your rolls. Put sausage shapes back in the freezer until required.

the finished result

Once cake is cooked leave to cool slightly but while still warm wrap with grease proof paper round container of your choice and leave rolled until cold.

Once cold unroll gently, place ice-cream sausage in the middle and either serve immediately or store in freezer until required. 

close up

Due to the nature of egg/dairy/gluten free cookery it tends to make a crumbly hard to handle  result which is why I did not spread with jam, and also why the sponge broke, but once rolled up it looked good. 

  • I made up another batch of the cake mix but made into individual cakes in a bun tin. 
  • Once these were cold I cut the cake in half across the cake. 
  •  I made a butter icing with dairy free spread, icing sugar and stirred in coco powder, then stick together what had originally been the top of the cake and slightly trim the front of both sides to make a slightly more pointed front.
  •  Use one of the offcuts to make a small nose and cover whole cake with butter icing. 
  • difficult to get a smooth result as the cake is crumbly.
  • Cut dairy free chocolate buttons in half ( I only had normal ones to hand to use)  and add to look like prickles. ( no Bob was not eating them)
  • add a currant for a nose and 2 more for the eyes

the finished hedgehogs


  1. Those hedgehogs are so cute and so clever too! Love these! I want an ice-cream maker too, might have to start dropping hints for christmas to OH.

  2. Another get blog post elaine. I always enjoy reading what you get up to and cook. This post didnt disappoint. I love artic roll. What was the flavour of your ice cream? I didnt notice if u said. Even though the sponge was crumbly it still looked quite good. Not much different from the dairy version. Also your hedgehog cakes looked delicious. I think thats one I might try and make.Yummm :) xxx

    1. Cherry flavour Clyde, link one line from top, sorry not overly obvious. hey were very nice, but we use to the texture. Could be made very easily with normal sponge mix as Helen did. You can do a big hedgehog with a casserole dish in the same way, again not work so well with our cake but great with normal

  3. the hedgehogs look great mum used to make big hedgehog cakes for our birthdays every fact still does sometimes!


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