Saturday, 9 June 2012

Project 366 161/366

I have thought long and hard about which picture to use for this weeks linky. But I decided to go with this one for two reasons. Firstly as she was a huge part of all our lives and that deserves to be celebrated and secondly writing this sort of thing allows the children to know it is ok to grieve for somebody you loved and miss and that we can talk about her even though she has gone, and one day I am going to be gone. 

There is probably not much you feel comfortable saying, and that is fine, leave me a hug to let me know you have been. 

We brought Shorty dog's cremains home yesterday, she came in this lovely pink jar with a posy of flowers and a cremation certificate. Even has her name engraved on the top. Home to stay.

If you want to see more of her little life then I did a nice little post yesterday. Take your hankies with you if your going.

Thought I would share with you the poem my husband wrote for her;

Written for Our Bestest Friend

The wagging has stopped our little friend,
But we were both with you at the end,
We held you close and talked to you
I am sure you knew what we had to do,
We took away your stress and pain,
And now you can bouncy bounce and wag again
The hurt and sadness left your eyes
As you gently went to doggy paradise
Those golden gates didn’t open much
You are only a little dog as such,
But now your little legs can run so fast
And your little eyes can see at last
Once more your ears can hear again
And you are at peace our little friend
We can’t explain how much we loved you
And we know that you loved us too,
So we will try and hide our endless sorrow
And look towards a new tomorrow
When once again we will be together
And run and play towards forever
Till then our friend, you will have to wait
Someday we we’ll meet you at the gate
And as we step out from the dark,
You will greet us with a familiar bark
Till then we’ll think of you each day,
And smile and brush our tears away
For in life we so loved you dearly.
And so in death we love you still
For in our hearts you hold a place
That no one can ever ever fill
At one end of the couch there is an empty space,
And it shall for ever remain your place
For the countless hours of laughter,
And the countless hours of fun
We will never forget you
Rest in peace our little one.

David Livingstone 4th June 2012

Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened.

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  1. Your post on Shorty's life is wonderful. She was a lucky pup when she joined your family- and repaid your kindness and love with her wags and licks. And OH's poem sums up the love you both had for her- beautifully written and so emotional. R.I.P lil Short dog; and our thoughts are with you, E&D xx

    1. Thanks Sam, did warn you to take your hankies...

  2. I'm so sorry for you loss. Once you get a pet they become part of the family & when the pass its a loss like any other family memeber.

    Thinking of you whole family

  3. such a beautiful and emotional post.
    R.I.P little dog x

  4. I agree. Children need to learn about death and grieving and this is an excellent way to involve them. We had this touching little mouse burial when my son was young. He was so solomn and serious and then asked us to all say a few words. Much easier when it's a mouse. Very moving post. Well done

  5. A lovely way to celebrate someone who has played such a wonderful part in your lives. Very beautifully written.

  6. Aaaahh such a sad time but sounds like a happy, lucky little dog xx

  7. I fully understand why you chose this for the linky this week. Pets are a significant part of our lives.
    RIP - Rat a**

  8. I'm so sorry that is really tough! We have never had pets and I do worry about that aspect of having them as it is so hard for children to understand and deal with, but as you said, it does help to make them understand about life and death.

  9. That is a beautiful post remembering Shorty's life, and that poem is absolutely appropriate and heartfelt. Such emotion and caring in just a few lines.

    Thanks for linking up.

  10. Im sorry for your loss, pets are a massive part of family life my parents have my childhood dog on their office shelf because they can't bare to part with her!

  11. So sorry xxx A special friend who will be remembered always <3

  12. Aw.. that's so lovely and so sad at the same time. Hugs. xx :O(


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