Friday, 29 June 2012

A day out at Culzean Castle

Sometimes its nice to do something different so on Tuesday we took a drive down to Culzean Castle. Like many people in my area we have  National Trust membership as Culzean is such a beautiful place to go.

Apart form the castle itself there are more walking routes than you can cover in a day. From the Swan Pond, to the walled garden, the deer park, access down to some beautiful beaches as well as an adventure playground, we have spent many a happy hour there as a family over the years.

Our first port of call was the walled garden, not been in there for a long long time as it is a dog free zone and we never went there without her. The garden was in full bloom and was very beautiful to look at and relaxing to walk round. Took a rainbow of flower pictures, and have chosen some of them for you to share with you, added as a wee movie to click on so they do not go right down the page as single pictures. If anybody can suggest a better way of doing this I would be grateful. Tried it in Picassa but the quality once uploaded is dreadful.

I was surprised back the lack of butterflies in amongst all the gorgeous flowers, though I did manage to get a picture of one of only two that we saw, but seems to be a theme here this year, just am no seeing butterflies anywhere we go.

We then went up to the deer park to look at the animals and took some more photos.

We walked up to the castle and had a look round inside at the changes that have been made since we were last in there. The view left a lot to be desired as the mist had rolled in and there was a very slight spit in the air.

Sharing this picture with you, he almost seems to be staring at me.

bee in walled garden at Culzean Castle

Love how they have done up the hallway that leads into the kitchen, this would have been the area the servants lived in back in the day, it has quotes from servants of the time inscribed onto the walls, really does make you think about the existence they use to have, and I leave with you

The Rules of the house:

rules of the house, Culzean Castle, Ayrshire

you might need to download and blow it up to read it....

If you ever visit Ayrshire it is well worth a visit.


  1. i really love the pic of the bumble bee,you do some amazing things thankyou for doing this blog it gives me so many ideas

  2. Amazing photographs Elaine, you've come so far on your photographic journey.

  3. loks a lovely place to visit, we are NT members and always try to visit as many as we can, must find out how far we are away. Adore the bee shot!


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