Friday, 1 June 2012

Project 366 153/366

Out wandering round the duck pond today, and this cheeky chappie helped himself to a piece of bread put out for the ducks and ran under a bush to eat it. Had to kneel down and shoot threw the fence to find him hiding under the bush. Well it still ties in with from a different angle....;)

If you blow it up you can make out the piece of bread in his front paws.

Also managed to capture his pal, who ran off in the opposite direction, he also has a piece of bread, but this is more a normal angle picture.

As I have had no children this week due to personal circumstances I cannot link a picture of them, so liked this one best.

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  1. Love taking pictures of wildlife however they are never as good as these!

  2. We love squirrels and always try to get photos of them when we go to the local park. Those are great shots :)

  3. A lovely photo, great to capture the wildlife around us

  4. Great shots. We saw some in Hyde Park on Saturday and they were coming really close - I was surprised! x

  5. Lovely photo, the children get really excited when they see squirrel photos x


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