Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Olympic Torch came to Alloway

As you all know the Olympic Torch is making its way round the country, and to day it came to us. We thought the easier place to see this would be where it comes over the bridge into Alloway.

This is a historic event that I doubt I will ever have an opportunity to see it again, so I am putting it on here as part of the history of my life all of us to look back on.

The atmosphere was brilliant, the police were fantastic hooting their horns and encouraging the groups of children to cheer, really egging them on and making it a fun time.

The Tv footage started about 4 ft after us, thankfully.

We worked as a team, while OH took pictures of the torch bearer I shot the video footage then we moved down to The Burns Museum and took more pictures.

Now I also took Granny Woodentop with me so she could join in the festivities, and I asked a lovely lady that we got talking to to hold her for me while we got the picture, and as promised I am putting the picture up here for her to see - she probably thought I was a bit mad but hey ho such is life, the rest of you bloggers will understand this insanity.

Sorry lovely lady I forgot to ask you your name, but here you are for all the world to see. You went on The John Cranes Facebook  toy page earlier, and I tweeted you as well.

(you can go see where other people have been here)

Below you have the video of them coming into Alloway over the bridge and an accumulation of photographs of things going on....and being Scottish a young man playing the bagpipes.....enjoy


  1. It passed through Cardiff on the day that we were in London seeing Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy so I didn't get to see it. Dr. Who carried it for us, that would have been cool. I love the videos, a brilliant memory for the future.

    1. thats a shame TBAM, really was well worth seeing, and I suppose Dr Who is a good choice for Cardiff. The video is nice, and we have the original with the sound on as was taken, but I was talking through it so didnt want to put that up, especially where the pillock walked in front of me!! (oops lol)


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