Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cruel Thieves Steal Little Boy’s Toys

 This article is copied word from word from the local paper. I have changed Bob's name but that is all, the rest of the story is as run.

We were impressed with the angle of the article, and maybe just maybe it may embarrass the children involved for the thefts.
Jun 8 2012 by Mike WIlson, Ayrshire Post (main ed)

CRUEL thieves have left a wee boy without any toys in his back garden.
Heartbroken Bob, who is disabled, has lost lifelines like his special scooter and bike.
And his furious mum has blasted the cowards who are stealing from the devastated six-year-old.
Shocked Sharron revealed: “Whoever is doing this must know it is wrong.
“They are coming into our garden and taking things that don’t belong to them.
“Bob has a number of severe allergies which mean he can’t go any further than our back garden when he plays.
“He has a special four wheel scooter which helps him get around and is absolutely distraught that it’s gone.”
Sharron says the thefts started last year when a swingseat was removed from their garden in the village.
And the callous acts have continued with a number of Bob’s newest toys disappearing again last week.
Sharron said: “Whoever took the swingseat must have come in with a spanner and an allen key to remove it.
“It’s hard to believe that someone would do a thing like this – especially if they knew it was Bob they were stealing from.
“He sobbed all night when he found out his scooter and bike had gone and can’t understand why people are taking his toys.
“All I can say to these people is they are stealing from a disabled six-year-old child. I hope that makes them happy.”
Bob, who attends his local Primary, also suffers from bad asthma and a physical form of dyslexia.
And his health is so fragile that he can take severe allergic reactions to the simplest of things.
Sharron explained: “That’s why we can’t let him go any further than the back garden when he’s playing – it’s somewhere for him to feel safe.
“He loves his toys and is just lost without them.
“I just hope that if another parent notices their child coming home with a bike or scooter they don’t recognise, they maybe question where it came from.
“To see Bob without his toys is really upsetting.”


  1. What a horrible thing to do but I do like the paper's take on it to parents to look out for their kids bringing something new home. x

    1. well if my kids came home with stuff that was not theirs I would have queried it. The bike was a balance bike designed for a 3 yr old but Bob is the size of a 3 yr old and cant ride a normal bike due to issues he has

  2. This is disgusting, absolutely appalling and I am so sorry that poor Bob has suffered like this.

    1. Thanks, yes it is disgusting, its a small village where everybody knows everybody, and daughter knows the primary school kids that have taken these ones

  3. What an awful thing to happen. I hope the article helps catch whoever did this. Poor Bob : (


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