Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My first making of ice-cream for the year

I received my Gaggia ice cream maker from Philips last year, and decided now the *cough* summer is here it was about time I dusted it off and used it.

OH likes the Glayva ice-cream best  that I make for him, so that was first through as it is so easy.
 switch on ice -cream maker and leave to chill for five minutes, then

  • mix together 7 oz milk and7 oz double cream with a pinch of salt,
  •  pour into ice-cream maker and add 5 oz sugar and 1 generous tablespoon Glayva ( or other alcohol of your choice) 
  • eat immediately of freeze until required. Due to the alcohol content it stays soft in the freezer so no need to remove ten minutes before required. 
The joy of this us you cannot taste the milk at all so I will actually eat a teaspoon full of it.

I also made some Soya Cherry flavour ice-cream. But the soya milk ice-cream takes a bit more preparation, but is well worth doing.

  • take 1 cup soya milk and pour 2/3rds into a pan
  • take 2 cups soya cream and add to pan,
  • add  3/4 cup sugar to the pan bring mix gently to the boil
  • add 25 g dried cherry powder and whisk to mix
  • meanwhile mix remaining 1/3rd of milk with 2 tablespoons arrowroot and
  • once milk comes to the boil remove from heat and immediately stir in arrowroot mix.
  • leave to cool completely and
  • once cooled add to pre-chilled ice-cream maker along with a handful of dried cherries (leave whole as the machine will break them down slightly.) 
Can be eaten immediately or stored in the freezer. remove 10-15 mins before serving time to allow to soften.

This gave a  sharp but pleasant flavoured dessert, with the cherry pieces adding to the overall tang. 

The linked items were supplied by Healthy Supplies, but how I use them is entirely up to me. 


  1. I expect the cherry powder takes that soya taste away from it doesn't it? my lot don't like cherry flavour things...although I do, especially if it's brandy!! haha
    Ice creams look great, I'm definitely going to be making more soon.

  2. Helen as I dont do "normal" milk I dont taste the soya milk in the same was as dairy people do. They do a very nice strawberry powder as well that I have used http://www.healthysupplies.co.uk/index.php?subframe=page&pagename=freeze-dried-strawberry-powder-100g&searchphrase=strawberry+powder&searchfrom=0&searchto=50


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