Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tilda Kids Rice review

Tilda and its new Tilli the elephant character will be helping busy mums to feed their hungry hoards this Spring with the launch of its delicious NEW rice and veggies range – Tilda Kids.
Travelling far and wide, Tilli’s range is full of goodness providing 1 of your 5-a-day with a selection of the best natural ingredients to make four tasty child-friendly rice and vegetable meal accompaniments, sure to help busy mums keep their little ones happy and satisfied during mealtimes. 
Kids can choose from familiar classic flavour varieties such as Cheese & Tomato, Sunshine Vegetable, Sweet Vegetable & Wholegrain and Mild & Sweet Curry….yum yum!
Available in 125g pouches each meal has been specially developed to cater for a child’s taste pallet and growing appetite. They can be eaten on their own or as an accompaniment to all their favourites - meat or fish.

Cheese & Tomato

Steamed Basmati with tangy tomato and cheese. This has been made for all of those who really enjoy the flavour of Margarita pizza. Tilda say this one goes nicely with meatballs.

Sweet Vegetable & Wholegrain Rice

Steamed Basmati with sweetcorn, sweet potato, carrots and other tasty treats. This recipe contains wholegrains for extra healthy goodness. Tilli’s little helpers liked this with everything!

Mild & Sweet Curry

Steamed Basmati with green beans, sweet potato and apricots – the perfect introduction to newer flavours for little ones. Tilda liked this best with chicken!

Sunshine Vegetable Rice

Steamed Basmati with butternut squash, sweetcorn, carrots and other goodies. A lovely sunny and gentle recipe for your little ones. Tilda says this goes perfectly with everything, but fish was their favourite!

The nutritional content of the sunshine vegetable is 


Per 125g ServingPer 100g
(of which sugars)1.3g1.0g
(of which saturates)0.6g0.5g

So what did we think of them?  We thought they were a very good portion size, probably too large a portion for younger children, but great for older ones. They take less than a minute to heat in the microwave and for most children time they reach 9 or10years old they could heat these for themselves, can be served alone, or with cold meat and your child can like the independence of making their own meal.
Ideal for when you are pushed for time, could make these quicker than you could stop at the chip shop on the way home.
We felt the rice was slightly soggy or overcooked but were edible, but this may appeal to the younger eaters.They all incorporate vegetables so that is a great way of getting veg into the children if you have fussy eaters.

None of them were high in fat and are ideal if you are travelling to visit family and you have a fussy eater, quick to cook no matter where you are.
None of them were Bob friendly but they do all contain full allergy advice on the packets. 

We give them 8 out of 10.
We were sent one packet of each to review but the opinion of the product is our own. 

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