Friday, 15 June 2012

Coronation Tofu vol-au-vonts and Coconut cakes

I quite like tofu but OH is not so keen on it, does not object to taste or anything but is not so keen on the lack of texture, so putting my thinking cap on thinking "what could I add to make it crunchy?" and as I actually made it just before the jubilee but not had time to put it up, and so at the time Coronation seemed appropriate.

Coronation Tofu

mix together

100g (4 oz) mayonnaise
75g (3 oz) chutney -I used home made plum
1 teaspoon curry powder - the strength of your choice

chop one eating apple, one spring onion and half a red onion into small pieces and stir into mayo mix.

cut one pack of tofu into 1/2 inch cubes and fold gently in with the rest of the ingredients.

Make 12-24 hrs before needed so that the tofu will absorb the flavour.

This would be ideal at a barbecue, or on a picnic served as is, or added to vol-au-vont case.

I also ate some of this as a topping on rice cakes 

Next up I made coconut cakes

Open two tins of condensed milk and split into three equal portions. Mix some blue gel colouring into one and red gel colouring . Stir in enough coconut to make a very thick stodgy mix.

Place spoonfuls onto a greased baking tray and cook for 15 mins until hardened off slightly. I also layered this up in a baking tin to make a layered loaf, unfortunately the colours bled into the white so did not look as impressive as I thought.

Make for a very sweet treat, but are dead easy to make with the kids.

The linked items were sent to me to review, but the recipe ideas and findings are all my own.

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