Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Coconut oil cherry muffins

First up this month I decided to use the cherriescherry powder and the coconut oil and make some muffins. But decided to make these experimental and make two different sorts to see if we would tell the difference. Would they be nicer? would they work? So I made one lot with the coconut oil and the second lot with sunflower oil, but apart from that the ingredients are the same.


7oz Einkorn organic wholemeal flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
a pinch of salt
2 oz butter melted ( I did one lot sunflower oil and one lot melted coconut oil)
2 oz sugar
1 egg beaten
7 fl oz milk
2 oz dried cherries (soak in hot tea till cold)
1 oz freeze dried cherry powder

the finished cherry cakes
Combine dry ingredients                                      
combine wet ingredients
add wet to dry along with dried cherries

do not over fold mixture, not matter if mix looks lumpy, over mixing makes for heavy muffins

cook for 15-20mins at 200 oC till golden

The cherry powder made the cakes almost fizzy, like sherbet fizzy. May have got a different result had I mixed the cherry powder into the wet mix before the ingredients were combined. Beautiful flavour, nice and light and very moist.

Wasn't a huge noticeable difference in the two muffins, but a slight difference was noticeable, slightly sweeter, and this batch got eaten first without OH knowing there even was a difference. 

These were made with some of the ingredients being supplied by Healthy Supplies, but the recipe, ideas and findings are my own. 

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