Wednesday 22 May 2013

Countdown to the move has begun.

Well on Saturday Daughter No2 went off to her new life in Oban. She met a lovely man from there a few years back and decided to apply for a job up there so she can move in with him, we wish them all the luck in the world and hope the two of them are very very happy. So as we are taking over her mortgage we now have work to do,  the countdown to the move has begun.

it might be little but saves plenty of mess 
Before she went she took up all the carpets and took them off to the dump. She cleaned and hoovered what she had time to do. Saturday evening we met up with the young couple who were taking furniture and accessories that my daughter did not need and had put on freecycle. That was like something out of a Laurel and Hardy film. We unplumbed the washing machine, and promptly  flooded the cupboard as it had been plumbed in wrong and we needed to go buy a blanking end to seal it off, so when we left be left a note in the sink saying do not use in case Daughter No1 came round with the kids and used it.
 Not sure how the delivery men got her couch in the living room but we needed to remove the door to get it out.

she was told to use the ladder

Our first priority in there is getting the living room ready for the decorator who is coming to put up the wall paper next Thursday. So daughter No3 and I went along and stripped the wallpaper off and painted the ceiling and coving.

I have cleaned out the kitchen cupboards with a steamer I borrowed from a friend and we have cleared out  and painted the big cupboard under the stairs. OH has been strimming the grass and trying to work out where his shed will go, as well as painting, taking down curtain tracks and other stuff.

The removal van has been booked for 9am on June 18th, so once the decorating is finished we will need to buy new carpets and arrange for them to be fitted. Meanwhile the packing is going on at this end ready. I have ten days after I move out before I need to hand my keys over so will worry about this end later

Got a huge mental list of other things I need to remember, changing over likes of power, phone, sky and bills/statements transfer insurances to the new house, get mail redirected, inform insurances, DVLA, bank etc.

Wish me luck!!

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  1. I wish you lots of luck, love and happiness in your new home! :)


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